Remove Total Value for One Column in Powerbi

Remove total value for one column in PowerBI

I suspect you've made a common mistake - using a Calculated Column for ROS where you should've used a Measure.

If you rebuild that calculation as a Measure, then you can wrap the HASONEVALUE function around it, with the objective of showing a blank when there are multiple Item values in context (the Total row).

Roughly the Measure formula would be:

ROS = IF ( HASONEVALUE ( Mytable[Item] ) , << calculation >> , BLANK() )

I would also replace your use of / with the DIVIDE function, to avoid divide by zero errors.

Remove some totals in power BI

You can use function HASONEVALUE( columnName) with if. if (HASONEVALUE('Table'[SomColumn], 'then your calculation', BLANK() )

Manipulate the total row to only sum the first row of every unique order in a list

One way to do this is to use a measure instead of the column. In this measure, use HASONEVALUE to check if the value is for a data row or for the totals row and either return the sum of all rows (for the normal case) or the sum of the rows where Operation flag = 1 (for the totals).

Manifactured Qty Measure = 
var allRows = SUM('Table'[Manifactured Qty])
var firstOnly = CALCULATE(sum('Table'[Manifactured Qty]),'Table'[Operation flag] = 1)
RETURN IF(HASONEVALUE('Table'[Manifactured Qty]), allRows, firstOnly)

Sample Image

Creating and Referring to a Grand total for a future calculation in Power BI

Let's say you have a DAX measure of:

Total Meals = [KC_Total_Meal] + [WPP_Total_Meals] + [SP_Total_meals]

That measure when it's calculated will be adjusted by the row context in your table. (I'm assuming you have a date or location to the left of your screen print.) If you are new to "context" in Power BI, try reading through this helpful reference card.

To remove the row context to get a true Grand Total, use the ALL() function within a CALCULATE() function. ALL() returns all the rows in a table ignoring any filters or row/column context that might have been applied.

Grand Total Meals = CALCULATE( [Total Meals]), ALL(Meals_Table))

Depending on the situation, you may need similar functions such as ALLEXCEPT() or EARLIER() or REMOVEFILTERS().

How to remove a total in a Stacked Bar Graph in Power BI

I found the answer myself.

If you select data on in the left side panel and select the dataset you are working on in your Stacked Bar Graph. Next step is to select the column you do not want to summarize and then click "Do not summarize" ind the top bar.

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