Xcode - Debug View Hierarchy

Viewing CALayers in Debug View Hierarchy

Yes you can, when in the Debug View Hierarchy, click on Editor -> Show Layers, like so:

Sample Image

This feature was made possible from Xcode 11.4 onwards: https://twitter.com/hrrsn/status/1225168226507612161

So unfortunately you will need to upgrade your Xcode 11.3.

Xcode - can't find Debug View Hierarchy button

On the left side of the debugger, in the toolbar below:

Debug View hierarchy

It is the second icon from the right in the image. It might be black or greyed out depending on whether Xcode is in focus or not.

It works fine on device and simulator. Either click it to break or break using a breakpoint/debugger and use it.

Where is debug view hierarchy button in Xcode 12

Are you sure you are running the project? It's still there (Xcode 12.0.1):

Sample Image

Is there a way to see object names in debug view hierarchy?

No, there is not (unfortunately).

The information is not maintained at runtime to my knowledge, so you also won't be able to use lldb from Xcode's console to figure it out.

Probably worth a feature request to Apple!

Xcode View Hierarchy debugger won't rotate views on mouse drag

Tsk, I'm old enough to know better: fixed with a reboot.

Why this happened is another question. I'd be curious to know if there are any system components that need restarted to reenable without a reboot.

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