Xcode 10, Command Codesign Failed with a Nonzero Exit Code

Xcode Command CodeSign failed with non zero when deploying to device

I got same issue , my certificates was created automatically but Device Udid does not create.
then check your device Udid is exist on your Apple developer Account and also check your Bundle identifier?

// hope its works for you thanks

IOS App Build issue: Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code

The issue was due to resources folder.
I created that folder to add my GoogleServices-Info.plist file.

I renamed my resources folder and changaed the path to my GoogleServices-Info.pllist file by following code in build phrases of the app in xcode:


cp -r "$PATH_TO_GOOGLE_PLISTS/GoogleService-Info.plist" "${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}.app/GoogleService-Info.plist" ;

Sample Image

Xcode 11.2.1 - Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code

Ok, I solved my problem, after long hours.

It's a lot more simple to use the script already present in Build Phases tab, generated if you use the SFML App Xcode template (see here the original script). I had tried it at first, but it didn't work so I let it down.

But, in this script, the first three lines are not the good ones, for a normal SFML installation on macOS. We need to modify these lines with the good paths to the Frameworks and lib folders, as follows :


Secondly, there is still the code signing problem : the archive will created but we will get an error if we start the .app. The solution to this problem is to check Disable Library Validation under Target/Signing & Capabilities to allow the application to load plug-ins or frameworks signed by other developers.

Finally, if we create the archive and launch the application, everything goes normally, as planned.

Since updating to Xcode 13 I get a codsign error

I found a solution to delete the Apple Worldwide Certificate in my Keychain Access. It seems to recreate when building and fixes the codesign error. Sometimes there are 2 certificates and I just delete the older one:

WWDRC certs

deleting older certificate

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