Symbolicate Crash in iOS8 with Xcode 6 .1

How to symbolicate crash log Xcode?

Ok I realised that you can do this:

  1. In Xcode > Window > Devices, select a connected iPhone/iPad/etc top left.
  2. View Device Logs
  3. All Logs

You probably have a lot of logs there, and to make it easier to find your imported log later, you could just go ahead and delete all logs at this point... unless they mean money to you. Or unless you know the exact point of time the crash happened - it should be written in the file anyway... I'm lazy so I just delete all old logs (this actually took a while).

3a. Make sure the log file has the extension .crash (rather than .txt or .ips)

  1. Just drag and drop your file into that list. It worked for me.

Issue importing iOS crash report into Xcode 6.1

I am using xcode 6.1.1, so I'm not sure if this was the case in 6.1...

Instead of a "Re-Symbolicate" button, you now need to view the log in the devices window and Control-click on the log name in the list of logs. This gives you a popup window that lets you delete, export, or re-symbolicate the log.

Unfortunately, though I found the "Re-Symbolicate" menu option, choosing it seems to have no effect and silently fails on the crash log I'm trying to figure out.

Symbolicating iPhone App Crash Reports

Steps to analyze crash report from apple:

  1. Copy the release .app file which was pushed to the appstore, the .dSYM file that was created at the time of release and the crash report receive from APPLE into a FOLDER.

  2. OPEN terminal application and go to the folder created above (using cd command)

  3. Run atos -arch armv7 -o MEMORY_LOCATION_OF_CRASH. The memory location should be the one at which the app crashed as per the report.

Ex: atos -arch armv7 -o ''/'APPNAME' 0x0003b508

This would show you the exact line, method name which resulted in crash.

Ex: [classname functionName:]; -510

Symbolicating IPA

if we use IPA for symbolicating - just rename the extention .ipa with .zip , extract it then we can get a Payload Folder which contain app. In this case we don't need .dSYM file.


This can only work if the app binary does not have symbols stripped. By default release builds stripped the symbols. We can change it in project build settings "Strip Debug Symbols During Copy" to NO.

More details see this post

How to symbolicate iPhone \ iPad crash logs?

The App needs to be built without stripping debug symbols:


then, when it crashes on a device, go into the organizer window, under the "Device Logs" section, and you should see a nice symbolicated crash log:

Sample Image

To import the crash logs into Xcode (from, say, an email), just drag it into the organizer window like so:

Sample Image

Determine Cause of Crash

These lines seem to indicate that your crash is caused by an attempt to access a non-existant index of your array:

1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x1964340e4 objc_exception_throw + 60
2 CoreFoundation 0x185bc762c -[__NSArrayM objectAtIndex:] + 264

If you want any further help, I'd recommend posting the content of your table view methods.

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