Invalid Signature - Code Object Is Not Signed at All

Error itms-90035 - Xcode

I had the same problem, turns out that one of my libraries installed via bower includes a .sh file, which is not needed. I have just deleted the file and everything has been uploaded successfully.

Seems like that Apple now enforces developers to have .sh files in their apps signed. As Cordova/Phonegap app don't need any of them, you can safely delete them.

Developer ID signed OS X app crashes on start with Code Signature Invalid

I figured out that I was misunderstanding a bunch of things.

Firstly - I'm pretty sure it crashes because although the code signature is valid, I'm trying to use features (iCloud) which are only available to apps downloaded from the app store; the app needs to be signed by Apple to run.

Secondly - Developer ID-signed apps don't use provisioning profiles; these are production-ready apps for actual distribution outside of the app store (so long as they don't use app-store only features).

So how do I share a build so that testers can run it and use its iCloud features? The answer is I build a development build as I normally do, signed as a developer, but create a matching provisioning profile including the UUIDs of my tester's machines. I then export the archived app using 'Export as Mac Application'. Both the app AND the profile need to be passed on to testers - they can install the profile by simply double-clicking on it to bring up the profile manager.

This took me a few hours to figure out - I don't think it's clear from the doc quite how all these things relate, so I hope this is useful to someone! ;)

iOS certificate that doesn't invalidate after 7 days?

You’ll have to sign up for a paid Apple Developer account. Then your apps can be tested for a year before having to be reloaded, you have access to more in-app capabilities and can submit apps to the App Store. Hope this helps.

How do you fix code object is not signed at all In subcomponent: in Xcode 6, Mac OS X Yosemite or Mavericks?

The problem was that the Framework, Paddle.framework, became corrupt. The symlinks were resolved to the files they were pointed to, so, compilation worked just fine, but signing didn't.

Re-downloading the framework and copying it into the project fixed the problem.

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