Provisioning Profile Doesn't Include the Application-Identifier and Keychain-Access-Groups Entitlements

Provisioning profile doesn't include the application-identifier and keychain-access-groups entitlements

This issue is related to Bug 1534145. P-384 curve / ecdsa-with-SHA256 certificates.

A representative from Apple estimated 558,000 certificates to become invalidated: Bug 1533655. DigiCert: Apple: Non-compliant Serial Numbers

GoDaddy, Google, Apple and Facebook (that would explain why Facebook was glitchy today) are affected.

They are working on resolving the issue right now.

That would explain our problems, folks!

Update: The issue has been resolved. Try to refresh your projects.

Provisioning doesn't match the entitlements file's value for the entitlement

There are two values that need to match up. First, locate the provisioning profile Xcode is using for your App Clip (they're in ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles) and inspect it by highlighting the file and pressing space. The parent ID value in there:

Sample Image

..has to match the same field in your .entitlements file in your App Clip target in Xcode. If it doesn't you can just edit the entitlement manually.

Entitlements don't match Provisioning Profile (0xE8008016)

I had this same problem and none of the solutions I found on stack overflow, or github worked for me.

Here's my solution:

  1. Select your project in the Project navigator Sample Image

  2. Select the "General" tab.

  3. To the left of the "General" tab, select your target to the left; (this should show a dropdown with a list of targets)

  4. Below your current target you should see an item {your project}Tests; select that.

  5. Check the signing properties in the general tab and make sure they are valid.

This was the problem for me. Hope it helps.

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