Test iOS App on Device Without Apple Developer Program or Jailbreak

Test iOS app on device without apple developer program or jailbreak

Seven years after the inception of the App Store (July 10, 2008), Apple has finally introduced a new feature in Xcode 7 that allows you to deploy and run any number of apps on any of your devices, simply by logging in with your Apple ID. You will no longer need a paid Program membership to deploy apps on your own device (and you certainly no longer have to jailbreak your device if you're not comfortable doing so).

Well, not for the majority of use cases anyway. For obvious reasons, certain capabilities and entitlements that require Program membership such as Game Center and in-app purchases will not be available to apps deployed using this method. From Apple's developer documentation:

Launch Your App on Devices Using Free Provisioning (iOS, watchOS)

If you don’t join the Apple Developer Program, you can still build and run your app on your devices using free provisioning. However, the capabilities available to your app, described in Adding Capabilities, are restricted when you don’t belong to the Apple Developer Program.

The precise steps to getting your app onto your iOS device or Apple Watch follow immediately thus (screenshots omitted for ease of skimming):

  1. In Xcode, add your Apple ID to Accounts preferences, described in Adding Your Apple ID Account in Xcode.

  2. In the project navigator, select the project and your target to display the project editor.

  3. Click General and choose your name from the Team pop-up menu.

  4. Connect the device to your Mac and choose your device from the Scheme toolbar menu.

  5. Below the Team pop-up menu, click Fix Issue.

    Xcode creates a free provisioning profile for you and the warning text under the Team pop-up menu disappears.

  6. Click the Run button.

    Xcode installs the app on the device before launching the app.

Prior to Xcode 7, a Program membership was indeed required in order to sign the provisioning certificates required to deploy apps to devices. The only other alternative was jailbreaking. With Xcode 7, you no longer need to jailbreak your device just to run apps distributed outside the App Store, or to test apps if you cannot afford to join the Program, or to deploy and use apps that you have developed for your own personal use if you do not intend to distribute them through the App Store (in which case you probably don't need the entitlements offered by Program membership anyway).

Can I test my Flutter application in a real apple device without apple developer account, and if so how do I do it?

You can also test on real device without apple paid developer program(you need to add free iclocud id in xcode).
do 'flutter run' on your mac with iphone connected and app will work on real device (if not working run'flutter doctor' and see is your iphone showing i connected devices)
usually what i do is first run on simulator with flutter run which builds ios files then i goto flutter-project-directory/ios/ open any file by double click it will show open ios module in xcode click it. now you can run or upload app to testflight/appstore like we do with native IOS app.

Install iOS app on single device without developer programme

Yes you can using your regular Apple account. But there is some limitations like you can't install more than 2 apps and apps will expire in 1 week.

Sample Image

Test iOS app on device without apple developer program

Download XCode 7. Apple has changed its policy regarding permissions required to build and run apps on devices. Until now, Apple required users to pay $99/year to become a member of Apple’s Developer Program in order to run code on physical iPhone and iPads. As part of the new Developer Program, this is no longer required. Apps can be tested on devices, no purchase necessary.

Is it possible to test app on the device without developer program? [Xcode 9.4 - Code Signing Error]

I changed bundle identifier to the form of com.[myName].[AppName], then it works.
I think I can freely use any words for [myName] if it does not conflict.

I refered to
iOS 9 new feature Free Provisioning (Run your app on a device, just with your Apple ID, without Apple developer membership)

Can I test my app on IPhone without enrolling in developer program?

It Seems that starting from Xcode 7 you won't need a paid account to test on your device anymore.

Is there anyway makes me able to distribute ios app for testing without apple developer program?

Is there anyway i can use to distribute this app without enroll in apple developing program?

A big NO:), it is not possible.

I am using diawi.com to send the app and I think it needs Ad hoc provisioning profile?

No, Adhoc profile not needed. You can upload on diawi.com .ipa or .zip(a zip file of .app). So to upload a .ipa you will need either dev. or production profile but for .app you do not need Adhoc, just development profile is enough. At least dev. profile is needed.

Is it possible to send an iOS app to a client to test without an Apple Developer ID and iPhone device?

Strictly not! you need an Apple developer account for the development testing and uploading your app to App store as well.

From here, you can choose the membership. And here is an App Distribution Quick Start.

You have to register your devices in your developer account. That's how it works!. It associates with all the device UDIDs with your developer account.

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