Hide Strange Unwanted Xcode Logs

Hide strange unwanted Xcode logs

Try this:

1 - From Xcode menu open: Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme

2 - On your Environment Variables set OS_ACTIVITY_MODE = disable


Disable extra information from the Xcode 8 console for iOS 10

This question is answered here

Just set an environment variable OS_ACTIVITY_MODE = disable in your debug scheme. For reference see the image below

Sample Image

How to remove verbose network messages from xcode?

I figured out the solution:

To turn off Verbose for OS Activity Mode

  1. From the xcode menu, Project -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme.
  2. Then select Run on the left and then select Arguments tab on the right.
  3. In Environment Variables add the name OS_ACTIVITY_MODE and value as disable.

Or see picture below.

Sample Image

Note: credit for image goes to Ramkrishna Sharma

Too much information being presented in Debug Area - Xcode 8


  • => Product
  • => Scheme
  • => Edit Scheme
  • => Select "Run"
  • => Second Tab "Argument"
  • => Inside Environment Variables press + button
  • => add Name = OS_ACTIVITY_MODE & set the Value to disable
  • Press Close button

And you are done.

tcp_connection_start debug log

Xcode 8 Console Garbage?

You can disable that output with a environment variable.

In Product>>Scheme>>Edit Scheme...>>Run add the following environment variable: Name:OS_ACTIVITY_MODE, Value: disable

Originally described on Twitter here.

Sample Image

Hide Xcode Console Always

There's a possibility to trigger certain events when running/pausing/... your App in Xcode's preferences [preferences/behaviour]. Also hiding the debug area including the console. Otherwise [Command + Shift + Y] instantly closes the debug area, [Command + Shift + C] does the same with the console. Picture of Xcode Preferences

Permanently hide the debug area in an Xcode playground

Found the solution:

In Xcode 8.0:

Preferences -> Behaviors -> Playgrounds -> Generates Output

Then where it says "[Show] debugger with [Current Views]" where [] indicates drop down controls, change [Show] to [Hide].

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