How to Beta Test an Iphone App

How do I let users Beta Test my iOS app?

You have several possibilities :

  • Use TestFlight to invite users downloading your app before release (the procedure is well explained by Apple here)
  • Manually install the app on tester's iPhone thanks to Xcode (just Run the app on it)
  • Use third party services such as Installr which allow you to easily install your app on testers' iPhone (up to 3 device with free version)

I think Deployment Type should be something like Ad-Hoc version and not Apple App Store.

How do you beta test an iphone app?

In year 2011, there's a new service out called "Test Flight", and it addresses this issue directly.

Apple has since bought TestFlight in 2014 and has integrated it into iTunes Connect and App Store Connect.

Is it possible to release app as a iOS OPEN Beta?

Unfortunately your question is self-contradictory in the context of the App Store.

An app can either be released to the App Store or it can be in test/beta but it can't be both.

You can provide open beta access via a TestFlight link, but you need to find your own way of sharing this link (via your web site, for example).

Only fully functional apps will be approved for App Store release to ensure that users have a good experience with App Store apps. Any mention of "beta" or "test" will result in rejection.

Is there any way to make a iOS app available for beta-testing (adhoc app) without using the tester UUID

UDID is no longer required. The focus is on test users rather than device. A single user may have multiple devices on which the beta app may be installed.

You can enable up to 25 users from your iTunes Connect team to be
internal testers and up to 1000 users to be external testers. External
testers do not need to be in your organisation; you can invite any
user with an email address to become one of your external testers.

reference from below link :

Xamarin - Deploy IOS app for beta testers

You can use Apple's public test , when you upload build to ITunes Connect , you can make public test after Apple Reviews it Public Link test
You must at one point create group for testers, then upload build and submit for review, after that you can get public link like in picture below
Sample Image

iOS: Distribution of iOS app for beta testing / TestFlight upload

Go through following steps (Details of each steps is linked with Apple guideline)

  1. Configuring Your Xcode Project for Distribution

    • Configure Identity and Team Settings
    • Set Bundle ID
    • Create Team Provisioning Profile.
    • Assign the Xcode Project to a Team
    • Select a signing identity
  2. Maintaining Identifiers, Devices, and Profiles

    • Register App IDs
    • Register Devices Using Your Developer Account
    • Create Development/Ad Hoc/Production Provisioning Profiles
    • Download Provisioning Profiles in Xcode
  3. Export Your App for Testing (iOS, tvOS, watchOS)

    • Register Test Device
    • Archive Your App
    • Export Your App for Testing Outside the Store
  4. Distributing Your App Using TestFlight (iOS, tvOS, watchOS)

In-App Purchase screen is not as expected for beta testing

What you are seeing is the correct experience when testing in-app purchases in a TestFlight version. That prompt comes from Apple when you initiate a purchase.

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