Why It Shows "Ld: Framework Not Found Bolts"

Why am I getting an error regarding Bolts framework and FacebookSDK when I'm not even using Bolts?

  1. Open the project in Xcode.
  2. Go to where you extracted the FacebookSDK. If you're using Mac OSX,
    it should be available in Documents/FacebookSDK.
  3. Grab the
    Bolts.framework file and drop into your Frameworks folder in
    Xcode for your project.

It should build now.

Module Bolts not found

This Issue is related to Parse end. I just got a description from Parse team to fix this and they recommended to use Xcode 11, They accepted that they have an issue with Xcode 12. they are working on it and will update once got this fixed. Reference Screenshot is attached. Sample Image

Framework not found StringScore_Swift

In order to run your coca pods frameworks you need to run the .xcworkspace project, otherwise your frameworks won´t work.

'Framework not found' in Xcode

Try deleting Bolts.framework from linked framework and re-add it. Also, in your Framework Search Path keep path until Bolts.framework like $(PROJECT_DIR)/Bolts if it is inside Bolts folder at your project directory path.

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