Undefined Symbols For Architecture Armv7

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7

Common Causes

The common causes for "Undefined symbols for architecture armv7" are:

  1. You import a header and do not link against the correct library. This is common, especially for headers for libraries like QuartzCore since it is not included in projects by default. To resolve:

    • Add the correct libraries in the Link Binary With Libraries section of the Build Phases.

    • If you want to add a library outside of the default search path you can include the path in the Library Search Paths value in the Build Settings and add
      -l{library_name_without_lib_and_suffix} (eg. for libz.a use -lz) to the Other Linker Flags section of Build Settings.

  2. You copy files into your project but forgot to check the target to add the files to. To resolve:

    • Open the Build Phases for the correct target, expand Compile Sources and add the missing .m files. If this is your issue please upvote Cortex's answer below as well.

  3. You include a static library that is built for another architecture like i386, the simulator on your host machine. To resolve:

    • If you have multiple library files from your libraries vendor to include in the project you need to include the one for the simulator (i386) and the one for the device (armv7 for example).

    • Optionally, you could create a fat static library that contains both architectures.

Original Answer:

You have not linked against the correct libz file. If you right click the file and reveal in finder its path should be somewhere in an iOS sdk folder. Here is mine for example


I recommend removing the reference and then re-adding it back in the Link Binary With Libraries section Build Phases of your target.

symbol(s) not found for architecture armv7 (when running Archive in Xcode and Python3)

I solved my problem and it was really simple. I put on Build Settings > Architectures >Architectures: $(ARCHS_STANDARD_64_BIT)

symbol(s) not found for architecture armv7

That problem was resolved. As possible issue for that kind of problem was shown at below question:


But in my case I need to add MobileCoreServices.framework

By adding this framework problem was resolved.


Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 - linker command failed

After doing some research, I finally figured it out. I have Gooogle mobile ads plugin and google play game plugins both. I didn't installed cocoa pods and I was adding all frameworks in Xcode.

Installing cocoa pods did the job :)

sudo gem install cocoapods

After that i rebuild the xcode project from unity and add all frameworks and files mentioned in particular plugin installation and it worked.

So anyone having same issue, then please check for your pod installation.

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64: Xcode 12

I found the issue.

My project supports lower minimum deployment target than the framework, and that caused the issue. I had to include the framework starting from a specific iOS version.

Here is the scenario and the issue: my project supports iOS 9 and the framework supports starting from 9.1. For that reason I was not getting the latest framework, instead Cocoapods was downloading the older version of the framework which doesn't support arm64.

So for the time being I just included the framework only for iOS 9.1 and above:

platform :ios, '9.1'
pod 'PodName', '~> 3.2'

Then the project compiled properly, thanks for those who tried to help. I spent half day because of this and Im putting this here for anyone who might face the same problem.

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