Code Signing Is Required For Product Type 'Application' in Sdk 'Ios 10.0' - Stickerpackextension Requires a Development Team Error

Xcode error: Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 10.0'

With Xcode-8.1 & iOS-10.1

  1. Add your Apple ID in Xcode Preferences > Accounts > Add Apple ID:

Step 1

  1. Enable signing to Automatically && Select Team that you have created before:

Step 2

  1. Change the Bundle Identifier:

Step 3

  1. Code Signing to iOS Developer:

Step 4

  1. Provision profile to Automatic:

Step 5

You can now run your project on a device!

Xcode error: Signing for ... requires a development team

Target > Signing & Capabilities > Team

Select a team and then Xcode will help do the next things.

select a Team here

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