Wkwebview Not Loading Webpage - Renders Blank Screen in Swift

WKWebView not loading webpage - renders blank screen in Swift

I have found the solution. The problem was being caused by AVG AntiVirus's webshield. For some reason AVG webshield treats all network communication from the simulator as fraudulent.
The following screenshot shows the safari app running on simulator. It says that www.apple.com is not safe or any other website.

Safari screenshot

The following screenshot is from system.log showing errors with webkit.

System log

You can replicate this problem by installing AVG antivirus and turning on the webshield. WKWebview in your App(On the simulator) wouldn't load anything.

I don't understand why it wasn't working on an actual device tho. It could have been another problem with the device. I also deleted the derived data folder, the actual app and had restarted the device.

Thank you everybody for the answers and help.

WKWebView showing white screen, with native-webview communication

You missed the line


Adding it to the end of viewDidLoad method should fix your issue.

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