How to Change the Name of an iOS App

How to change the name of an iOS app?

  1. Go to Targets in Xcode.
  2. Build Settings on your project's target (your current development name).
  3. Search for Product Name under Packaging. Change its value to what you want your new project name to be.

is it possible to change the name of an iOS app via xcode?

Actually you can. You can change the "Bundle Name" which (I think) is the name the App appears on the AppStore and the "Bundle Display Name" which is the name that appears under your icon on the Home screen. But if you change your "Bundle Identifier" then your App is not the same App.
More info can be found in the Apple Docs here.

How can I change the name of my iOS project?

Newer Versions of Xcode

According to the Xcode documentation says that you can select your project in the lefthand panel and then open the properties inspector. By editing the project name, you'll be prompted to renamed targets etc.

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Original Answer

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking, so I've given two parts to my answer.

To change the display name of your project, (under the icon on the home screen) you should edit your Info.plist file in the Resources group of your project. Change the Bundle Display Name key. Make sure that you save the plist file and that you've deleted the old app from the simulator. Then, clean your build and then you can build it again to the simulator.

To change the name of your project, target and executable, click on Project -> Rename... in Xcode.

How to rename an already for sale App on the App Store only, not in xcode

Well it's definitely possible according to the iTunes Connect Developer Guide - Replacing Your App with a New Version.

  1. Log into iTunes connect

  2. Select My Apps module

  3. Select the App update to change

  4. Finally the textfield to change the name as it appears in the store should be located under the screen shots and above the description field.

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I hope this helps.

Can you change the name of an app after its been submitted to the app store?

You can only change an app's name between adding a new version in iTunes Connect and submitting the binary for the new version.

Go to Itunes Connect. Click on the FAQ link, then on "Manage Your Apps". That is the page with info about renaming your app.

How can I edit my app name?

App names can only be changed when your app is in an editable state. Changing the app name on iTunes Connect will only change the app name on the App Store. If you need to change the app name that displays on a customer’s device, you need to edit this name in the binary of your app and send a binary update.

Note that you must also change the app name for each of your localizations.

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