This Certificate Has an Invalid Issuer Apple Push Services

This certificate has an invalid issuer : Keychain marks all certificates as Invalid Issuer

In Keychain access,
-> View -> Show Expired Certificates, then in your login keychain click on expired certificate and delete it. I also had the same expired certificate in my System keychain, so I deleted it from there too.

-> After deleting the expired cert from the login and System keychains,download certificate from below link and open with keychain.

Download and add it to Keychain access > certificates (which expires on 2023)

This certificate has an invalid issuer in ios keychain

  1. Download
    and double-click to install to Keychain.
  2. Select "View" -> "Show Expired Certificates" in Keychain app.
  3. Remove Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority certificates from "login" tab and "System" tab in Keychain app.

Ensure the new downloaded cert is in both login and system Default to only system tab will still give error.**

  1. Delete all your certificates and provisioning profile on developer portal.

  2. Create certificate signing request from keychain.

  3. Recreate all the certificate & provisioning profile using the CSR generated in step -5

  4. Download and install those certificates created on step-6 and try.

This certificate has an invalid issuer issue not resolved

please check your solution on apple's forums Uploading archive error

Step 1 : Open Keychain Access in your mac.

Step 2 : Go to View -> show expired certificates.

Step 3 : Select Certificates category. All certificate are there
which are expired or not.

Step 4 : Select Login and System tab, and Search Apple Worldwide
Developer Relation Certificate Authority
and delete it from

Step 5 : Now download the new certificate from : AppleWWDRCA.cer

Step 6 : Go to download folder-> and double click on the certificate
to install it. Your certificate is successfully installed.

For more in detail you can also check below blog


Apple Push Service certificate is not trusted

I have installed the G3, G4, and G5 certificates from the Apple certificate authority and that solved my problem

Sample Image

Edit: G4 Certificate is key for solving the issue.

Apple Certificate for iOS Developer and Mac Developer is expired The certificate has an invalid issuer

For first you need clean you keychain.

Remove "Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority" from all places. from System and Login tab

iOS Sample Image 6

Download from Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority

Double-click to AppleWWDRCA.cer install to Keychain.

Also, ensure that Keychain is showing expired certificates: Keychain > View > Show Expired Certificates

Enjoy !! :)

This certificate has an invalid issuer

Well, it suddenly started working later in the day. I have no idea what caused the original issue.

If you have multiple macs, you can export the certificate and import it on another machine. That worked for me.

If you only have access to the one mac... wait four hours, cross your fingers and try again?

Is there a way to make Apple Push Services certificate life time valid?

No, You need to renew your certificate every year because it can ensure your developers account is still active and in working state.

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