Laravel Blank White Screen

Laravel blank white screen


Does this answer describe or help your situation? Upgrading to Apache 2.4 come with some changes in Apache configuration.


Are you checking Laravel's logs or Apache's logs?

Since upgrading to Laravel 4.1, I've had white screen "errors" (WSOD) when the application could not write to the log location. I've always solved this by making the app/storage directory writable by Apache (either group writable to "www-data", "apache" or world-writable - that depends on your server setup.

Web Server User

On Ubuntu/Debian servers, your PHP may be running as user "www-data". On CentOS/RedHat/Fedora servers, you PHP may be running as user "apache".

Make sure your files are owned by the user that is running PHP:

# Debian/Ubuntu
$ sudo chown -R www-data /path/to/laravel/files

# CentOS/RedHat/Fedora
$ sudo chown -R apache /path/to/laravel/files

Note that you might not be running as user www-data or apache. It depends on your hosting and setup!

Laravel 4

# Group Writable (Group, User Writable)
$ sudo chmod -R gu+w app/storage

# World-writable (Group, User, Other Writable)
$ sudo chmod -R guo+w app/storage

Laravel 5+ (including 6)

# Group Writable (Group, User Writable)
$ sudo chmod -R gu+w storage

# World-writable (Group, User, Other Writable)
$ sudo chmod -R guo+w storage

# The bootstrap/cache directory may need writing to also

# Group Writable (Group, User Writable)
$ sudo chmod -R gu+w bootstrap/cache

# World-writable (Group, User, Other Writable)
$ sudo chmod -R guo+w bootstrap/cache

Laravel 8 return view blank page or white screen

I think there is issue in your controller code. Please try below code. I have changed user fetch syntax.


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class ProfileController extends Controller
public function edit(Request $request)
return view('profile.edit', [
'user' => \Auth::user()

phpdesktop laravel blank white page

Just update php from 7.1 to 7.2.19.
I find this repo and notice that this working on higher php.

Laravel temporary blank white page without error for some users

The first line from the server error logs you provided is a ModSecurity log line. We can see that the Comodo WAF is in use:

[msg "COMODO WAF: URL file extension is restricted by policy"]
[logdata ".com/"]

It looks like a request is being made to a location that ends in ".com". This is triggering a rule on the Comodo WAF and so the request is being blocked. If the blocked request is important to the web application you're trying to use then it may be the cause of your issue.

Try disabling your Comodo WAF and then re-testing your application.

If disabling the WAF solves your problem then you should look into implementing a proper fix for your WAF. (Try searching for something like 'Comodo WAF rule exclusion', 'Comodo WAF tuning', or 'Comodo WAF false positives'.)

Laravel 5.3 blank white screen no errors

For anyone else who might be facing the same issue, after upgrading to php7 you have to disable Apache2's PHP5 module and enable PHP7, like so:

a2dismod php5
a2enmod php7.0
sudo service apache2 restart

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