How to Get Values of Xml Elements

How to retrieve element value of XML using Java?

If your XML is a String, Then you can do the following:

String xml = ""; //Populated XML String....

DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
Document document = builder.parse(new InputSource(new StringReader(xml)));
Element rootElement = document.getDocumentElement();

If your XML is in a file, then Document document will be instantiated like this:

Document document = builder.parse(new File("file.xml"));

The document.getDocumentElement() returns you the node that is the document element of the document (in your case <config>).

Once you have a rootElement, you can access the element's attribute (by calling rootElement.getAttribute() method), etc. For more methods on java's org.w3c.dom.Element

More info on java DocumentBuilder & DocumentBuilderFactory. Bear in mind, the example provided creates a XML DOM tree so if you have a huge XML data, the tree can be huge.

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Update Here's an example to get "value" of element <requestqueue>

protected String getString(String tagName, Element element) {
NodeList list = element.getElementsByTagName(tagName);
if (list != null && list.getLength() > 0) {
NodeList subList = list.item(0).getChildNodes();

if (subList != null && subList.getLength() > 0) {
return subList.item(0).getNodeValue();

return null;

You can effectively call it as,

String requestQueueName = getString("requestqueue", element);

how to get the value from XML tag?

If you use .Net >= 3.5, you can use Linq to SQL to retrieve the values, here is an example:


var Value1 = elem.Element("LOCATION").Value;
var Value2 = elem.Element("ACCEPTED_VARIANTES").Attribute("VALUE").Value;
var Value3 = elem.Element("PERIOD_DAY").Value;
var Value4 = elem.Element("AWARD_CRITERIA_DETAIL").Element("Value4").Value;

Note: I added <xml>...</xml> tags around the xml string to have it correctly parsing (only 1 root element is always accepted in XML. I assume your DB value is correctly formatted.

On a side note, this code is not protected, it means that if a tag you are looking for (like <LOCATION> for instance) is not present, you'll get an exception (NullReferenceException) when trying to access the Value field.

Instead, you can try this:

var val1 = elem.Element("LOCATION");
var Value1 = val1 != null ? val1.Value : "no data found";

Which will avoid this exception when the tag is not present.

C# - Get value of xml element with its attribute

The Elements query only finds immediate children of the current node. i.e. Elements will only return the root list element.

This either means you need to query like:


Or you can use Descendants, which will many any descendant of the current node, so:

var name = (string)doc.Descendants("field")
.First(x => (string)x.Attribute("name") == "name");

How to get the value of an attribute from XML file in PHP?

You should be able to get this using SimpleXMLElement::attributes()

Try this:

foreach($xml->Var[0]->attributes() as $a => $b) {
echo $a,'="',$b,"\"\n";

That will show you all the name/value attributes for the first foo element. It's an associative array, so you can do this as well:

$attr = $xml->Var[0]->attributes();
echo $attr['VarNum'];

Best/Fastest way to find values of a element in a xml file

As @Sinatr mentions. Profiling should always be the first step when investigating performance.

A reasonable guess about what takes time would be

  1. IO
  2. Parsing

IO could be improved by getting a faster disk, or caching results in RAM. The later may greatly improve performance if multiple searches are done, but introduces issues like cache-invalidation.

According to "What is the best way to parse (big) XML in C# Code" XmlReader is the fastest way to parse xml. This blog suggest XmlReader is about 2.5 times faster.

If you have multiple files you could also try to process multiple files in parallel. Keep in mind IO is mostly serial, so you might not gain anything unless you have a SSD that can deliver data faster than files can be processed.


try out

linq to xml way

IEnumerable<XElement> direclty = infodoc.Elements("Settings").Elements("directory");
var rosterUserIds = direclty .Select(r => r.Attribute("value").Value);


   XmlNodeList nodeList=

foreach (XmlNode elem in nodeList)
string strValue = elem.Attributes[1].Value;


How to get attribute value and element value from XML with xmllint

Another option would be to use xmlstarlet to match the model elements and then use concat() to output the desired values...

xmlstarlet sel -t -m "//_:model" -v "concat(@mh,' ',_:attribute)" -n devices.xml


0x1058900 test-vpn-gw-v01

Note: I'm using version 1.6.1 of xmlstarlet. Not all versions support "_" for a namespace prefix. (Supported in versions 1.5.0+)

See for more info on the "sel" command of xmlstarlet.

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