Getting Complete Path of Uploaded File - PHP

Getting complete PATH of uploaded file - PHP

name refers to the filename on the client-side. To get the filename (including the full path) on the server-side, you need to use tmp_name:

$handle = fopen($_FILES["UploadFileName"]["tmp_name"], 'r');

How to get full filepath when uploading files in PHP?

The ['name'] refers to the original filename on the users computer. That's no use to you, in particular because it might be empty. (Or it can contain fake values, causing a directory traversal exploit. So, just avoid it.)

You need to use the ['tmp_name'] which is a server-absolute path like /tmp/upload85728 that can be used for fopen() or move_uploaded_file().

PHP HTML - how to get file upload full path in php process page

File information is in $_FILES superglobal array and the temporary filename with path is in $_FILES['pfilename']['tmp_name'], so to just get the directory name from it:

echo dirname($_FILES['pfilename']['tmp_name']);

Or for the path and file:

echo $_FILES['pfilename']['tmp_name'];

Getting the file path of an uploaded file

You'll not get the file path. The File Upload in PHP works such that when you upload a file, it'll be uploaded to a temporary location and then your form will be posted. The path of the temporary location will be provided in tmp_name option in $_FILES array.

By using the move_uploaded_file function, this file will be moved from the temporary location to the location of your choice. But you'll have to provide the location (including the filename) where you want to move the file from temporary location.

So if you are looking for a path where you want to move the file from then it'll be present in tmp_name.

Hope this helps.

How to get full path of the uploaded file in codeigniter?

From your controller use

echo $data['upload_data']['full_path'];

From your view use

echo $upload_data['full_path'];

How to save the full path of file upload in php?

To convert a relative path to an absolute one (server side) you can use realpath. Eg.

$fullpath = realpath($file_name);

File uploading - I need to find the absolute (full) path of the tmp_name in PHP

tmp_name will always contain the full path.

/tmp/phpeklgfr points to the uploaded file in the root /tmp directory. It does not reside in /var/www/sample/tmp.

You can change the location PHP stores temporary files in using the upload_tmp_dir php.ini setting.

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