Using Ajax to Pass Variable to PHP and Retrieve Those Using Ajax Again

Using AJAX to pass variable to PHP and get that variabel again

to send the some data to php and get the result of the php file to javascript synchronously, this is what you need

function sendData (data1,data2)
if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
AJAX=new XMLHttpRequest();
AJAX=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
if (AJAX)
{"POST", "url.php", false);
AJAX.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
AJAX.send("data1=" + data1 + "&data2=" + data2);
return AJAX.responseText;
return null;

now, on your php file, you just get your data like this

$data1 = $_POST['data1'];
$data2 = $_POST['data2'];

once you work with the data in your php file, and then you echo the result, it is returned by the javascript function, so you just need to use it like this in your javascript file

var data_from_php = sendData(data1,data2);

Passing variables from javascript via ajax to php

It's just simple to pass the values to php file through AJAX call.
Change your AJAX call as shown in below

var message = $('#input-message').val();
var sender= $('#sender').val();
var receiver= $('#receiver').val();
url: "scripts/load_messages.php",
method: "post",
//data: { "message":$('#input-message').val(),"sender":$('#sender').val(),"receiver":$('#receiver').val()},you can pass the values directly like this or else you can store it in variables and can pass
data: { "message":message,"sender":sender,"receiver":receiver},
success: function(data){
error: function() {
alert('Not OKay');

and your load-messages.php could be like this`

$receiver = $_POST['receiver'];
echo $receiver;

jQuery AJAX: Clarification on How to Pass Variable into AJAX GET Request

In your javascript use this

 $.ajax({ url: 'get.php',
data: {'ajaxid':altCheck},
type: 'post',

and in your get.php use

$ajaxid = $_POST['ajaxid'];
$sql = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE screeningId = $ajaxid";

How to pass variables back from php by ajax

Try to use Json as response:

PHP side

$json = new Services_JSON();
echo $json->encode("{a:1,b:2}");



You can encode any array in PHP and pass it as ajax callback.

Json class you can get there

How to pass and get data from Ajax to PHP using Data-tables

Please use $_REQUEST instead of $_GET like this :

$cf = $_REQUEST["CurrentFlag"];


echo $cf;


If you want print data using $_GET method please add type:GET under ajax call

Cannot pass JS variable to PHP using AJAX

Nothing shows up.

And that's correct you will never get any thing by browsing index.php because there is no POST at this time , AJAX is internal and the only way to show a result from index.php is in the page that you send from it an ajax call.

At this :

success: function(data)


you could control where to show your data that comes from index.php by , for example alert(data) or document.getElementById("someelement").innerHTML=data; and so on.

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