How to Sends Two Values in Select Dropdown Using PHP

How to sends two Values in select dropdown using php

Place both values into the value attribute, separated by "/"

<option value="<?=$halls['id'] . '/' . $halls['rang_from'] . '/' .  $halls['rang_to']?>"><?= $halls['rang_from']?> To <?=$halls['rang_to']?>

And When if you want to Recieve It Then Write

list($hall_id, $rang_from, $range_to) = explode('/', $_REQUEST['hall']);

for Checking that values comes or Not... Write

echo $rang_from; exit;

Send multiple values from dropdown view to the controller action

You haven't kept the variable inside option's value tag.

     <select name='select'>
<option selected disabled>Choose Stations</option>
<?php foreach ($get_stations as $get_stations_item): ?>
<option value="<?php echo $get_stations_item['sourcestationid'].','.$get_stations_item['destinationstationid']; ?>">Station <?php echo $get_stations_item['sourcestationid']; ?> - Station <?php echo $get_stations_item['destinationstationid']; ?></option>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Also here at PHP end, you can explode the string into an array and store it further into db.

$select = explode(',', $select)
print_r($select); // this will have your two values

How to post two values in an option field?

You cannot post two values unless both of them appear in the value attribute. You can place both in, separated by a comma or hyphen and explode() them apart in PHP:

// Place both values into the value attribute, separated by "-"
<option value="<?php echo $name['id'] . "-" . $name['name']);?>">
<?php echo $name['name']);?>

Receiving them in PHP

// split the contents of $_POST['data'] on a hyphen, returning at most two items
list($data_id, $data_name) = explode("-", $_POST['data'], 2);

echo "id: $data_id, name: $data_name";

How can i send two values from the same select option to a url in php?

Not really sure what you're trying to achieve (why you do redirect instead of direct submit to second file), but still:

 <select name="gender">
<option value="">Select a person:</option>
<option value="Male:boy">Male</option>
<option value="Female:girl">Female</option>

On server side split the value by ::

if (isset($_POST['subgen'])) {
$parts = explode(':', $_POST['gender']);?>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=genderreport.php?gender=<?php echo $parts[0]?>&genderid=<?php echo $parts[1]?>"/>

In another page:

if (isset($_GET['gender']) && isset($_GET['genderid'])) {
$gender= $_GET['gender'];
$genderid= $_GET['genderid'];

Note, please use spaces in your code, it greatly increases readability.

Can an Option in a Select tag carry multiple values?

One way to do this, first one an array, 2nd an object:

    <select name="">
<option value='{"num_sequence":[0,1,2,3]}'>Option one</option>
<option value='{"foo":"bar","one":"two"}'>Option two</option>

How can I send two values through a select?

Make the option value have this format: name$id

<select name="category_id" size="1"><br />';

$sql = "SELECT id, name
FROM categories
ORDER BY name";

$rs = mysql_query($sql);

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($rs)) {
echo "<option value=\"".$row['name']."$".$row['id']."\">".$row['name']."</option>\n ";


then when you retrieve the data you can explode it as so

$option = explode("$", $_POST['category_id']);
echo $option[0]; // Name
echo $option[1]; // Id

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