Laravel View Not Found Exception

Laravel view not found exception

This happens when Laravel doesn't find a view file in your application. Make sure you have a file named: index.php or index.blade.php under your app/views directory.

Note that Laravel will do the following when calling View::make:

  • For View::make('index') Laravel will look for the file: app/views/index.php.
  • For View::make('') Laravel will look for the file: app/views/index/foo.php.

The file can have any of those two extensions: .php or .blade.php.

view not found exception-laravel

Your views should be inside following root directory


Laravel 5.4 View [name] not found

I was having this problem only when running the application on homestead server and i was able to solve this after i ran the

php artisan config:clear


View [index] not found in laravel

i solved it, i upload new project and it solved but i don't know what is the issue of last project. It's so weird

Laravel View not Found

You shouldn't use full file name:

 return view('roles', compact('role_id', 'name'));

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