Pycharm Not Finding Anaconda Python, Giving "Can't Open File 'Python': [Errno 2] No Such File or Directory?"

PyCharm Python project No such file or directory

Started having the same issue after upgrading to PyCharm 3.4 - before that everything was working fine and after the update the same error. Also fixed by updating the path mappings: go to Run/Debug Configurations and manually define the Path mappings - Local path should be the path of your Django project and remote path the path to the project in the vagrant VM.

ImportError: Couldn't import Django ... Did you forget to activate a virtual environment?

On the Windows machine, you should activate venv by this command .\venv\Scripts\activate (please note, you should be in the folder where this venv is)

Then inside activated venv install Django pip install django and in the same terminal run the server python runserver

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