Get Discord User Id from Username

Get Discord user ID from username

In one line just do

discord.utils.get(client.get_all_members(), name="ExampleUser", discriminator="1234").id

notice the .id at the end, that gives you the ID of that person.
Also for the discriminator part don't include the hash(#)

Discord.JS - How to get user ID from username?

You are trying to get the user the wrong way. Firstly, why are you trying to match a user's tag with a guild? Maybe you think guild.cache has users? Well actually, this is client.guilds.cache, which only has guilds in it, and it returns a guild, not a user. Secondly, to get a user, you can try this method:

const user = client.users.cache.find(u => u.tag === 'SomeUser#0000')

Below is code to get user by ID, but it probably won’t help with this, considering you would already have access to the ID

const user = client.users.cache.get("<UserID>");

Also, you should add code to see if user isn’t found (client can’t find user with the condition). Here is some code to check that:

//... the find user code I put
if(!user) return message.reply('User could not be found');;

How to get user ID from Discord username?

In your example guild.members is undefined because .fetch() returns a promise and the returned guild doesn't have a member property.

You either need to use the .then method, to access the fetched guild:

.then(guild => {
const applicant = guild.members.cache
.find((member) => member.user.tag === tag.value)

...or use async/await:

async yourFunction() {
try {
const guild = await client.guilds.fetch('705686666043457606')
const applicant = guild.members.cache
.find((member) => member.user.tag === tag.value)
} catch(err) {

Please note that you can only use await in async functions, so make sure to convert the function where your code is by adding the async keyword.

Also, make sure you use the user tag not the username. Find the member by comparing member.user.tag in the .find() method, and not

Discord: Get User by Id

You can use the Discord API.

First, create a Discord application here. Once you've done that, click 'Bot' on the sidebar and create a bot for that application. There, you'll see a section called 'Token' under the bot username. Copy this and store it somewhere secure. It is important to never share your token. If you do, you should regenerate it to prevent abuse.

You can then use the Get User endpoint (/users/{}/) to retrieve the user for an ID. This should be done by the backend as it involves authenticating with the bot token.

Using the API directly

Here is a minimal example of how you would fetch a user by their ID using the Discord API using Node.js:

const fetch = require('node-fetch')

// You might want to store this in an environment variable or something
const token = 'YOUR_TOKEN'

const fetchUser = async id => {
const response = await fetch(`${id}`, {
headers: {
Authorization: `Bot ${token}`
if (!response.ok) throw new Error(`Error status code: ${response.status}`)
return JSON.parse(await response.json())

The response would be something like this:

"id": "123456789012345678",
"username": "some username",
"avatar": null,
"discriminator": "1234",
"public_flags": 0,
"banner": null,
"banner_color": null,
"accent_color": null

Using a library

Alternatively, you may be able to use a Discord library to do this instead. The following examples also handle rate limits.

@discordjs/rest + discord-api-types

const {REST} = require('@discordjs/rest')
const {Routes} = require('discord-api-types/v9')

const token = 'YOUR_TOKEN'

const rest = new REST().setToken(token)

const fetchUser = async id => rest.get(Routes.user(id))

The result would be the same JSON as described above.

For TypeScript users:

import type {RESTGetAPIUserResult, Snowflake} from 'discord-api-types/v9'

const fetchUser = async (id: Snowflake): Promise<RESTGetAPIUserResult> =>
rest.get(Routes.user(id)) as Promise<RESTGetAPIUserResult>


When I first posted this answer, @discordjs/rest didn't exist yet.

const {Client} = require('discord.js')

const token = 'YOUR_TOKEN'

const client = new Client({intents: []})
client.token = token

const fetchUser = async id => client.users.fetch(id)

The result of fetchUser would be a discord.js User object.

How to get userid from a string in

You can use MemberConverter to convert the string user into the user object. Docs of memberconverter

It will give you the member object and the properties of it is here mentioned in docs

Resulting code can be something like -

from discord.ext import commands

async def banlist(self, ctx):
with open(file, encoding='utf-8') as file_in:
for line in file_in:
member = await commands.MemberConverter().convert(ctx, line)
await ctx.guild.ban(, reason='blacklist')
except commands.errors.MemberNotFound:
# member not found here, handle it

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