Using Python, How to Access a Shared Folder on Windows Network

Using Python, how can I access a shared folder on windows network?

Use forward slashes to specify the UNC Path:


(if your Python client code is also running under Windows)

accessing shared folder in windows using python

When using Windows paths, always use raw string literals, or you'll get weirdness (e.g. \f becomes the form-feed character, \a becomes the alert/bell character).

Instead of open("\\\aaaa\form.txt",'w'), do open(r"\\\aaaa\form.txt",'w') (note the r preceding the open quote on the path). This makes the backslashes only escape the quote character itself (and otherwise behave as normal characters, not escapes), avoiding interpretation of random characters as ASCII escapes.

Also, as a best practice, use with statements to avoid the need to (and possibility of forgetting or bypassing) call close:

with open(r"\\\aaaa\form.txt",'w') as f:
f.write("hihi test is it works?")

Retrieving contents from a directory on a network drive (windows)

Just tested on my XP PC, Python 2.7, SMB share \\myshare

os.listdir('\\\\myshare') # Fails with "WindowsError: [Error 53] The network path was not found"

os.listdir('\\\\myshare/folder') # Succeeds

I think some of the confusion could be caused by WindowsError showing the repr() of the path, rather than the actual path -

>>> repr(path)
>>> str(path)

If this is a Python 3 & unicode problem, I suggest trying to fix the string first:

path = "\\\\myshare\folder"
path = bytes(path, "utf-8").decode("unicode_escape")
print os.listdir(path)

(unfortunately I can't test this since I don't have Python 3 installed, but please let me know if it works and I'll edit my answer)

Accessing a network folder through a python program

I would not use pushd/popd in such a way, I would just include the full paths, including network paths in the paths of whatever file operation I need to do

However if I really need to change working directory, I would do this with python:

import os

original_working_directory = os.getcwd()

# do stuff

new_networked_directory = r'\\server\share\folder'
# change to the networked directory

# do stuff

#changeback to original working directory

# do more stuff

There should be no need for "temp drives" or the like really.

Best way to access shared network drives and delete specific files

You can loop through the list for the deletes.

import os

filePaths = ['D:/test/remove.txt', 'F:/test/remove.txt']
for filePath in filePaths:
print(f"removing {filePath}")
except OSError as e:
print(f"Failed, {e}")

Beware of backslashes, "\t" is the tab character. These would all work


Accessing a Windows shared drive on a remote server in Python

You should have no problem accessing files via the UNC path that you are already attempting to use, but I would recommend formatting it a bit differently to help with escaping:

src  = r'C:\path\to\source'
dest = r'\\server-name\path-to-shared-directory'

And you don't need stdin:

p = subprocess.Popen(cmd, 

Normally you would be able to use forward slashes for paths in python, but since you are calling out to a shell command, the backslashes are still needed.

Python - how to write a window shared folder path (ex. \\\cert\testcert.pfx) using pywinrm

The problem deals with the second hop issue, so the script can't access to another network shared file while remoting.
The solution was change authentication to CredSSP and allowing the second hop delegate the credentials.
After this, no errors referring to any path appears.

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