Wget Downloads CSS @Import, But Ignores Files Referenced Within Them

download webpage and dependencies, including css images

wget --page-requisites http://example.com/your/page.html

This option causes Wget to download all the files that are necessary to properly display a given html page. This includes such things as inlined images, sounds, and referenced stylesheets.

EDIT: meder is right: stock wget does not parse and download css images. There is, however, a patch that adds this feature: [1, 2]

UPDATE: The patch mentioned above has been merged into wget 1.12, released 22-Sep-2009:

** Added support for CSS. This includes:
- Parsing links from CSS files, and from CSS content found in HTML
style tags and attributes.
- Supporting conversion of links found within CSS content, when
--convert-links is specified.
- Ensuring that CSS files end in the ".css" filename extension,
when --convert-links is specified.

Min.CSS files. Where does their assignment typically occur within Wordpress themes?

It's usually registered by (conditionally) calling wp_enqueue_style().


Edit: and as point out by diggy, it might be minified on the fly, e.g. by a caching plugin.

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