How to Read in User Entered Comma Separated Integers

How to read comma separated integer inputs in java

you can use the nextLine method to read a String and use the method split to separate by comma like this:

public static void main(String args[])
Scanner dis=new Scanner(;
int a,b,c;
String line;
String[] lineVector;

line = dis.nextLine(); //read 1,2,3

//separate all values by comma
lineVector = line.split(",");

//parsing the values to Integer


This method will be work with 3 values separated by comma only.

If you need change the quantity of values may you use an loop to get the values from the vector.

How do you allow comma to be used for user input for integer based input c++?

Read the input in as a string:

std::string input;
std::cin >> input;

Remove the commas, using the erase-remove idiom:

input.erase(std::remove(input.begin(), input.end(), ','), input.end());

which from C++20 you can write like this:

std::erase(input, ',');  // C++20

Convert the string to an int:

int player_input = std::stoi(input);

read comma-separated input with `scanf()`

The comma is not considered a whitespace character so the format specifier "%s" will consume the , and everything else on the line writing beyond the bounds of the array sem causing undefined behaviour. To correct this you need to use a scanset:

while (scanf("%4[^,],%4[^,],%79[^,],%d", sem, type, title, &value) == 4)


  • %4[^,] means read at most four characters or until a comma is encountered.

Specifying the width prevents buffer overrun.

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