What Would Be a SQL Query to Remove \N\R from the Text

What would be a sql query to remove \n\r from the text?

Try this one -

CREATE TABLE table1(column1 TEXT);
INSERT INTO table1 VALUES ('text1\r\ntext2

SELECT * FROM table1;

UPDATE table1 SET column1 = REPLACE(column1, '\r\n', '');
SELECT * FROM table1;

How to remove new line characters from data rows in mysql?

your syntax is wrong:

update mytable SET title = TRIM(TRAILING '\n' FROM title)


If the newline character is at the start of the field:

update mytable SET title = TRIM(LEADING '\n' FROM title)

How I can remove all NewLine from a variable in SQL Server?

You must use this query

Declare @A NVarChar(500);

Set @A = N' 12345
154814 ';

Set @A = Replace(@A,CHAR(13)+CHAR(10),' ');

Print @A;

How to remove \n from a mysql variable

Use the REPALCE function

REPLACE(@theSQL, '\n', '')

How to remove newline between text in MySQL?

REPLACE should work. Try replacing the \r character as well.

UPDATE shipping_tablerate SET suburb = REPLACE(REPLACE(suburb,'\n',''), '\r', '');

If that too doesn't work, try TRIM function:

UPDATE shipping_tablerate SET suburb = TRIM('\n' FROM suburb);

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