Nodejs, MySQL - Json Stringify - Advanced Query

NodeJS, MySQL - JSON Stringify - Advanced query

Unless you are querying programmatically where you can parse the JSON and then do the logic, I would recommend something like this:

SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Column LIKE '%"id": 1,"uID": 10%'

The LIKE keyword allows us to use wildcards (%) but still do an exact text match for what we define.

mysql JSON arrays returned as string

You can convert strings to Objects or Arrays with JSON.parse(). You also can reverse this operation with JSON.stringify(). Here's your code with these minor changes.

mysql.getConnection((err, con) => {
if(err) return console.log(err);
con.query(`SELECT * FROM guild WHERE ID = "1" LIMIT 1`, (err, guildStr) => {
if(err) return console.log(err);
const guild = JSON.parse(guildStr)

I don't know how to store an array of object with mysql/node correctly

So i made it!!!

I registered array of objects (which was stringified) as a text format in mysql workbench!

it worked!!

this.$'http://localhost:3000/api/list/', {
'user_id': this.$auth.user[0].user_id,
'to_uuid': this.$store.state.list.to_user.user_id,
'content': JSON.stringify(this.$store.state.list.finalList),
'message': this.message,
'status': "en attente"

this part is when i post the stringified array on content

async created(){
const listReceived = await this.$axios.$get(`/api/listReceived/${this.$auth.user[0].user_id}`)
const usersList = await this.$axios.$get("/api/users")

listReceived.forEach(element => {
const userdata=usersList.filter((post)=>post.user_id===element.user_id)
const userSelected={
content: JSON.parse(element.content),

this part is when i get the stringified array - I JSON.parse it on content

How do I solve "TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON" in NodeJS

Circular JSON means, there is a reference to an object inside the object, which makes the JSON.stringify not possible.

in your case, res.send(JSON.stringify(answer)) could be the problem. The response of con.query(sql) may not be a simple object.

Also, the function is asynchronous and expects a callback to get the answer (I am assuming you are using mysqljs

give more details to explain further, but the underlying problem is the value of the variable "answer"

Mysql dynamic query in node.js

Create a new route in your application. You can specify parameters in your URL as

Here fname1 is user Id and you can add the following code to get the parameter from url


Here the fname is got the name from the route that defined in your application as:

app.get('/users/:fname', function (req, res) {
connection.query("select * from nodejs where fname= '"+req.params.fname+"'", function(err, rows, fields) {
res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': 'application/json'});
//res.render('users', {users: docs});

Use url/:nameOfParameter to specify the name for values in url

Smarter way to create JSON response from Mysql

try MongoDB database ( .MongoDB is nosql document database, it solves problems like this very easy. And one more point. MongoDB is default database for nodejs. It works with javascript queries.

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