Convert String to Date in Ms Access Query

Convert a string to a date in Access

e.g. cdate(format("20091231", "####/##/##"))

So, in your case it will be

SELECT cdate(format(mystringFieldThatIsInYYYYMMDDFormat, "####/##/##"))   
FROM myData

How to convert a string to date and extract values in Access query

Access can't cope with the milliseconds in your date strings.

Use Left() to exclude them and feed the resulting substring to CDate().

SELECT CDate(Left(gmt, 20)) AS date_from_string
FROM Table1;

Once you have a valid Date/Time value, you can use Year(<Date/Time value>) or DatePart("yyyy", <Date/Time value>) to extract the year. And DatePart("y", <Date/Time value>) will give you the day of the year.

Convert 13-digit string to date in MS Access Query

Sorry, I wanted to do this inside of a query. I may not have been clear enough about that. Anyways, this query worked to paste the date into a text field (you could remove CDate from the last line if inputting it into a DATE field):

ON JoinTbl.ID = SH_Data_addition.ID
SET SH_Data_addition.cargo = [JoinTbl].[cargo],
SH_Data_addition.ultimo_contact = CDate([JoinTbl].[fecha_entrev]/86400/1000+25569);

Convert date time string to date

You can get your desired result with one Format() instead of two.

SELECT Format(CDate(txndate),"dd-mm-yyyy hh:nn:ss") AS Expr1
FROM January2015;

Actually Format() will accept your ymd date string without the need to first convert it to Date/Time, so you could eliminate CDate() if you prefer.

SELECT Format(txndate,"dd-mm-yyyy hh:nn:ss") AS Expr1
FROM January2015;

Note however the datatype of that calculated field will be text, not Date/Time because Format() always returns a string.

Convert yyyymmdd number or string to true Date value in MS Access

In Access you'll need to use the DateSerial() function:

DateSerial(Left([DateField], 4), Mid([DateField], 5, 2), Right([DateField], 2))

Access - string to date - date + time

Vasku, try this:

CDate(Replace(Date_creat,"T"," "))

To test it put copy this to Immediate window of VBE:

?CDate(Replace("2020-01-01T02:39:45","T"," " ))

After hitting Enter you should get this result:

1/1/2020 2:39:45 AM

How to compare date in string type in SQL query using MS Access and OLEDB

I guess this works for me at the moment. I tested with various examples and can't seem to find example where this doesn't work.

FROM table
WHERE DateValue(Replace(Replace(\"{searchDate}\", \'.\', \'/\', 1, 2), \'.\', \'\')) <
DateValue(Replace(Replace(move_date, \'.\', \'/\', 1, 2), \'.\', \'\'))

searchDate is string (it's not parsed to date)

If someone can find examples where this doesn't work, please share.

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