Rstudio Suddenly Stopped Showing Plots in the Plot Pane

Why is my chart not showing in RStudio's Plots pane?

It seems that the error lies in R/RStudio and not in my code.

After some exploration across different forums, I tried reinstalling R (I have version 3.5.0) and that worked for me.

I simply downloaded the latest version (which I have/had anyway), then closed RStudio and installed R (without removing my previous/current version).

I then restarted RStudio and it worked for me; plots are now appearing in the Plots pane within RStudio.

How can I show a dendrogram in the plot pane in R-Studio

In general you can send chunk outputs to display inline or in the console. So at the top of the document you just add:

chunk_output_type: console

Then your plots (including your dendrogram) should appear in the viewer pane.

You can also toggle this option through the GUI in Rstudio by selecting the arrow next to the 'gear' icon at the top of the editor window and select 'Chunk Output in Console'.
Sample Image

Rstudio - How to show plot output in bottom right pane?

I have version 1.0.44 of RStudio on a mac - you are using RMarkdown, which, by default in recent versions, causes output to be shown inline within the markdown page.

To undo this behavior, open RStudio->Preferences, and select the R Markdown group on the left. Uncheck the box that says "Show output inline for all R Markdown documents".


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