Rstudio Does Not Display Any Output in Console After Entering Code

R studio console suddenly does not show output

Click on the gear icon beside knit and make sure that "chunk output in console" is enabled.

RStudio scripts don't show any output

You have to select the lines that you want to run! Before clicking the run button, make sure you have selected the lines of code. Maybe it's the problem ;)

How to hide code when I run program in console in R studio?

There is a way to do this, which is to source selected text from inside the RStudio document pane. You can do this via the Rstudio API. First define the following function:

run <- function() {
eval(parse(text = rstudioapi::primary_selection(

Now in your RStudio, you can select text in your document pane like this:

Sample Image

And in the R console, you can do:

#> [1] "I only want to see this message"

And you can see the variables have changed as expected:

#> [1] 10

If you wanted to, you could bind this function to a keyboard shortcut in R Studio.

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