Regex for Finding File Paths

regex for finding file paths

Use regex(\/.*?\.[\w:]+) to make regex non-greedy. If you want to find multiple matches in the same line, you can use re.findall().

Using this code and the example provided, I get:

import re
re.findall(r'(\/.*?\.[\w:]+)', "file path /log/file.txt some lines /log/var/file2.txt")
['/log/file.txt', '/log/var/file2.txt']

Regex for parsing directory and filename

Try this:


EDIT: escaped the forward slash to prevent problems when copy/pasting the Regex

RegEx to find Windows file paths inside of text

You may use this regex to capture folder and filename in 2 separate capture groups:


RegEx Demo

RegEx Details:

  • (?:\\\\[^\\]+|[a-zA-Z]:): Match either a server name or IP address that starts with \\ followed by 1+ non-\ characters OR a drive letter followed by a : in a non-capturing group
  • ((?:\\[^\\]+)+\\)?: 1st capture group for folder path that matches a string starting with a \ and matches 1+ non-\ characters allowing multiple occurrences of that followed by a \. This group is optional due to presence of ? in the end.
  • ([^<>:]*): Match filename that 0 or more of any character that is not <, > and :

Regular expression to match a file path with certain prefix

You don't need groups and lookaheads - it's only regex match in mongo. The query could be as simple as


Regex to find directory in text

You can use a regex like this:


Working demo

enter image description here

Btw, if you want to allow backslashes in the path you can have:


Regex for extracting part of a file path

If here we wish to capture the /, then we might just want to try ([\/]+). There should be other expressions to extract one also, such as:


and our code might look like:

regexp_extract(filepath, '(?:\/[a-z]+\/)(.+?)(?:\/.+)', 2)


regexp_extract(filepath, '(?:\/.+?\/)(.+?)(?:\/.+)', 2)


In this case, we are not capturing what is behind one using a non-capturing group:


then we capture one using:


and finally we add a right boundary after one in another non-capturing group:


RegEx Circuit visualizes regular expressions:

enter image description here


Depending on which slash, one might be located, we can modify our expression. For example, in this case, this expression also might be working:



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