How to Set Automatically the Width of a Column in Xlsxwriter

Simulate autofit column in xslxwriter

As a general rule, you want the width of the columns a bit larger than the size of the longest string in the column. The with of 1 unit of the xlsxwriter columns is about equal to the width of one character. So, you can simulate autofit by setting each column to the max number of characters in that column.

Per example, I tend to use the code below when working with pandas dataframes and xlsxwriter.

It first finds the maximum width of the index, which is always the left column for a pandas to excel rendered dataframe. Then, it returns the maximum of all values and the column name for each of the remaining columns moving left to right.

It shouldn't be too difficult to adapt this code for whatever data you are using.

def get_col_widths(dataframe):
# First we find the maximum length of the index column
idx_max = max([len(str(s)) for s in dataframe.index.values] + [len(str(])
# Then, we concatenate this to the max of the lengths of column name and its values for each column, left to right
return [idx_max] + [max([len(str(s)) for s in dataframe[col].values] + [len(col)]) for col in dataframe.columns]

for i, width in enumerate(get_col_widths(dataframe)):
worksheet.set_column(i, i, width)

How to set automatically the width of a column in xlsxwriter

Is there any possibility of setting the width of all columns automatically?

Unfortunately, not.

From the XlsxWriter FAQ:

Q. Is there an "AutoFit" option for columns?

Unfortunately, there is no way to specify "AutoFit" for a column in the Excel file format. This feature is only available at runtime from within Excel. It is possible to simulate "AutoFit" in your application by tracking the maximum width of the data in the column as your write it and then adjusting the column width at the end.

python xlsxwriter change all cell widths when using write_row

There is a relevant set_column() method that accept width:

set_column(first_col, last_col, width, cell_format, options)

properties for one or more columns of cells.

Here is how you can apply it:

worksheet.set_column(0, 2, 100)

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