How to Display Last 2 Digits from a Number in Python

How to get the last 2 digits of a number (integer or decimal)

Here is a working solution to your problem:

def last_2_digits_at_best(n):
return float(str(n)[-3:]) if '.' in str(n)[-2:] else int(str(n)[-2:])

print last_2_digits_at_best(1234.56789)
print last_2_digits_at_best(123)
print last_2_digits_at_best(0.1)
print last_2_digits_at_best(1)
print last_2_digits_at_best(0.1 + 0.2)



How to print the last two digits of a 4 digit input taken by the user?

if you want the last two digits you can use print(a[-2:]) since python uses negative index to start form the last item.
also check if the length of the input is greater than 2 characters.

if len(a) >= 2:

Sort a list of number by last 2 digits

You can get the last two digits using the remainder operator, then use the digits as key of sorted:

a = [311, 409, 305, 104, 301, 204, 101, 306, 313, 202, 303, 410, 401, 105, 407, 408]
result = sorted(a, key=lambda x: (x % 100, x))


[101, 301, 401, 202, 303, 104, 204, 105, 305, 306, 407, 408, 409, 410, 311, 313]

As you want to ties to be solved using the actual value the key is a tuple of the last two digits and the actual value.

How to seperate last two digits with dot in Python

300.00 is a representation of number 300. 3.00 is a representation of number 3. Those are two different values. There is no way Python will represent 300 as 3.

Assuming you really want to print 3.00 (which for pretty much everyone around means 3, not 300), then you should divide 300 by 100.


How to make sure that in a string last 2 characters have at least one digit with python regex

Don't use [A-Z0-9]{2}, use ([A-Z0-9][0-9])|([0-9][A-Z0-9])

That is, one or the other has to be a digit.

re.findall(r'([A-Z]{5}(?:(?:[A-Z0-9][0-9])|(?:[0-9][A-Z0-9])))', "DHKGNC1, DHDHK32, DHKGN1K, SOME, GARBAGE, TEXT")

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