Conda Command Not Found

Conda command not found

If you're using zsh and it has not been set up to read .bashrc, you need to add the Miniconda directory to the zsh shell PATH environment variable. Add this to your .zshrc:

export PATH="/home/username/miniconda/bin:$PATH"

Make sure to replace /home/username/miniconda with your actual path.

Save, exit the terminal and then reopen the terminal. conda command should work.

Conda command is not recognized on Windows 10

In Windows, you will have to set the path to the location where you installed Anaconda3 to.

For me, I installed anaconda3 into C:\Anaconda3. Therefore you need to add C:\Anaconda3 as well as C:\Anaconda3\Scripts\ to your path variable, e.g. set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Anaconda3;C:\Anaconda3\Scripts\.

You can do this via powershell (see above, ), or hit the windows key → enter environment → choose from settingsedit environment variables for your account → select Path variable → EditNew.

To test it, open a new dos shell, and you should be able to use conda commands now. E.g., try conda --version.

Anaconda prompt and conda command not working

If you can please do that, Few months back similar issue was faced by me too. I looked a lot for solutions of this issue, found many, some of them worked too but the problem reappeared after installing some other package. Best solution will be to reinstall anaconda. If not willing to do so, then do comment, I'll provide you with the solution, but I won't be able to assure you that it will solve the issue permanently.

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