How to Use If Statement Inside Json

How to use if statement inside JSON?

That's regular JavaScript, not JSON. Move the if statement outside:

if (page) {
var config = [
"name" : "SiteTitle",
"bgcolor" : "",
"color" : "",
"position" : "TL",
"text" : "step1",
"time" : 5000
}, {
"name" : "Jawal",
"bgcolor" : "",
"color" : "",
"text" : "step2",
"position" : "BL",
"time" : 5000
} else {
var config = [
"name" : "Password",
"bgcolor" : "",
"color" : "",
"text" : "step3",
"position" : "TL",
"time" : 5000

Is it possible to use an if-else statement inside a JSON file?

JSON is only a data representation (unrelated to any programming language, even if early JavaScript implementations remotely inspired it). There is no notion of "execution" or "conditional" (or of "behavior" or of "semantics") in it.

Read carefully the (short) JSON definition. It simply defines what sequence of characters (e.g. the content of a file) is valid JSON. It does not define the "meaning" of JSON data.

JSON data is parsed by some program, and emitted by some program (often different ones, but could be the same).

The program handling JSON can of course use conditions and give some "meaning" (whatever is the definition of that word) to it. But JSON is only "data syntax".

You could (easily) write your own JSON transformer (using some existing JSON library, and there are many of them), and that is really simple. Some programs (notably jq) claim to be more or less generic JSON processors.

Since JSON is a textual format, you could even use some editor (such as emacs, vim or many others) to manually change parts of it. You'll better validate the result with some existing JSON parser (to be sure you did not add any mistakes).

JSON If Statement

This will update your json based on "ReplacementAmount"

var lineitemobject = JSON.parse('{"recordtype":"salesorder","item":[{"InventoryManagementKey":"20001","InvoiceDay":"9/10/2015","ReplacementAmount":0.0000,"ReplacementCount":500,"ServiceAmount":0.0000,"ServiceCount":0}]}');
if(lineitemobject.item[0]['ReplacementAmount'] > 0) {
lineitemobject.item[0]['quantity'] = lineitemobject.item[0]['ReplacementAmount'];
delete lineitemobject.item[0]['ReplacementAmount'];
} else {
lineitemobject.item[0]['quantity'] = lineitemobject.item[0]['ServiceCount'];
delete lineitemobject.item[0]['ServiceCount'];

Here only lineitemobject JavaScript object value changes, not the JSON string.

Using JSON objects in 'if' statements?

Inside a template string, only expressions are allowed, not statements. if is a statement; but there's the conditional operator (?:) which has almost the same semantics.

<div class="role">${player.steamid == 'Rex4748' ? 'Owner' : 'Moderator'}</div>

If statement inside PHP object

As mentioned by knittl you could check if a specific value is null and not add it to your object.

If it is necessary though to dynamically create objects withouth the hustle of checking. You have to use array_filter or any other custom filtering function for that.

I wrote a custom filtering function that accepts a deeply nested array and returns it back filtered.

function arrayFilter($inputArr){
$output = null;

if (is_array($inputArr)){
foreach ($inputArr as $key=>$val){
if(!$inputArr[$key]) continue;

if (is_array($val)) {
$tmpArr = arrayFilter($val);
if($tmpArr) $output[$key] = array_filter($tmpArr);

else $output[$key] = $val;

} else {
$output[$key] = $val;

return $output;

So, lets say you have a deeply nested object similar to the one you provided

$obj = (object) [
"id" => null,
"Name" => (object) [
"eng_name" => strval('some name2'),
"de_name" => null,
"more" => (object) [
"fr_name" => strval('some name3'),
"ru_name" => null,

Below i convert the stdClass object you have to an array with json_encode and json_decode and if you pass it as a parameter into the function like:

$filtered = arrayFilter(json_decode(json_encode($obj), true));

Your output will be something like the following:

"eng_name":"some name2",
"fr_name":"some name3"

Python - IF statement inside a for loop checking on a Json File

def SumOfNegWords(wordsInTweet):
f = open ('wordList.json')
wordList = json.load(f)
NegAmount = 0

for words in wordsInTweet: #for words in the input

if words in wordList['negative']:
NegAmount += 1
print("The Sum of Negative Words =", NegAmount)

print("No negative words found")

changed it a bit... words in if condition because that's what you're iterating over and indentation in else

Want to use IF statement with JSON

Test this example

var data = [{  "id": "1",  "itemName": "exampleItem1"}, {  "id": "2",  "itemName": "exampleItem2"}];var ul = "<ul>";for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {  ul += "<li>" + '1/2 tsp salt' + "</li>" +    "<li>" + '2 cups ' +    (data[i].id == "2" ? data[i].itemName : " ") +    "</li>" +    "<li>" + data[i].itemName + "</li>";
}ul += "</ul>";document.body.innerHTML = ul;

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