How to Make New Line or Break in Array

How can I make new line or break in array?

Adding a newline will not work, as HTML will ignore any whitespace/newlines to best format string as contiguous as possible. So you have to use <br/> to add an explicit line-break in HTML. However, now, in rails for safety any string will be html-escaped unless you explicitly instruct rails to not do that.

So in your case you want to build the list of files, claim it is safe, and then set as content. Something like

- file_list ={|file_id| File.find(file_id).name}.join('<br/>').html_safe
%i.fa.fa-folder.item{data: {content: file_list, html: "true", rel: "popover", title: "title:"}

Secondly, because you are using bootstrap to render the popover, you will also have to instruct the bootstrap popover that the data-content is interpreted as html and should not be escaped (by setting the data-html attribute).

Break Array Values Into New Line in Angular

The problem is that error.error.error in an array and you are printing it as it is.

Try this

var error = {"headers": { "normalizedNames": {}, "lazyUpdate": null},"status": 404,"statusText": "Not Found","url": "","ok": false,"name": "HttpErrorResponse","message": "Http failure response for 404 Not Found","error": { "error": [ "Error1", "Error2", "Error3" ]}}var alertString = 'error ';for (var i = 0; i < error.error.error.length; i++) {alertString = alertString + '\n ' + error.error.error[i];}alert(alertString); console.log(alertString);

add a new element to an array as a line break

Use double quotes "\n" instead of '\n' single quotes, Single quotes treats as string

$arr = [1,2,3,"\n","after line break"];
echo implode('',$arr);

Live demo :

In your browser to add line break use <br> instead \n

PHP Line break in array

You have two problems:

  • $data should be a string not an array
  • . concatenates the left hand side and the right hand side: "abc" . "def" becomes "abcdef".

    • putting the dot first like in . "\n" or even . "\n" $mail doesn't make sense in PHP so you'll get a parse error.

Replace your $data = line with $data = $name . "\n" . $mail . "\n" . $saywords; and you'll be good to go.

split string value but keep the line break inside new array

You need this

let bodyText = "Test
Newline here"
let bodyTextArray = bodyText.split(/( |\n)/)

If you put capturing () around what you are splitting on then that is added to the output

Split string by new line characters

You can use the explode function, using "\n" as separator:

$your_array = explode("\n", $your_string_from_db);

For instance, if you have this piece of code:

$str = "My text1\nMy text2\nMy text3";
$arr = explode("\n", $str);

You'd get this output:

0 => string 'My text1' (length=8)
1 => string 'My text2' (length=8)
2 => string 'My text3' (length=8)

Note that you have to use a double-quoted string, so \n is actually interpreted as a line-break.

(See that manual page for more details.)

How to break lines in javascript using .join

You can use a for loop with Array#slice.

const arr = ["a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h", "i"];
const parts = [];
for(let i = 0; i < arr.length; i += 3){
parts.push(arr.slice(i, i + 3).join(' '));

Convert text file separated with line breaks to an array in JavaScript

Your text is separated with line breaks \n. You can split into an array using split("/n"). In the event that there are spaces in your text, you should map that array through a trim() filter to remove the spaces.