How to Hide the Address Bar on Iphone

How do I hide the address bar on iPhone?

I just hit this myself. If the address bar is not hiding, the reason may simply be the page is not long enough to scroll.

When the


is called the page MUST be longer than the window so a scrolling event can occur.

Only when the scrolling even occurs will mobile safari hide the address bar.

Is it possible to hide URL bar in iOS 9 (Safari browser) by using JavaScript?

For iPhone, you can make your content just one pixel higher than the viewport, that will eliminate the navbar.

Working code example:


  • Only works in landscape, and when flipping from portrait to landscape - if user enters the page in landscape, he/she must flip to portrait and back to landscape.
  • If the user touches near top / bottom, navbar will re-appear.
  • Does not work on iPad at all.

Is it possible to hide the address bar in iOS 7 Safari?

It does not work anymore. Here is a very detailed article around the changes in IOS7

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