How to Pass Topics Dynamically to a Kafka Listener

How to pass topics dynamically to a kafka listener?

You cannot "dynamically pass topics to Kafka listener "; you have to programmatically create a listener container instead.

Use Kakfa connection to dynamically Subscribe/Unsubscribe the Kafka Topics using Spring Boot

2.3.x has been out of support for a long time now

The last 2.3.x version was 2.3.14 last July.

The admin is used to check if the topic exists; with that old version, controlled by the missingTopicsFatal property in ContainerProperties; it is true in that version.

With modern versions (since 2.3.4), it is false, so an AdminClient will not be created when you start the container.

But you really need to upgrade to a supported version (2.8.5 advised - 2.7.x goes out of OSS support soon).

There is no support to reuse a consumer with different (topics); a new consumer will be created each time you start the container.

Spring Kafka with Dynamic @KafkaListener

Create your object and register it as a bean providing it via the Supplier in the above method. Spring will run the bean post processors necessary to set everything up.

Kafka consumer picking up topics dynamically

No; the only way to do that is to use a topic pattern; as new topics are added (that match the pattern), the broker will add them to the subscription, after 5 minutes, by default.

You can, however, add new listener container(s) for the new topic(s) at runtime.

Another option would be to load the @KafkaListener bean in a child application context and re-create the context each time the topic(s) change.


See the javadocs for KafkaConsumer.subscribe(Pattern pattern)...

* Subscribe to all topics matching specified pattern to get dynamically assigned partitions.
* The pattern matching will be done periodically against topics existing at the time of check.
* <p>

Change listening topic during runtime in Spring Kafka

To my knowledge, going through the source code, you can't change the topic at runtime. So you'll want to stop the current container and recreate a new one.

I'd advise against using the registry in this case and manage the container yourself, because it seems like you can't remove containers from the registry and will end up with a memory leak.

You can autowire yourself KafkaListenerContainerFactory. This factory requires a an endpoint. I must admit, that it seemed a bit painful to me to setup the endpoint, if you just want to change the topic and have a callback called, because all available implementations use meta programming with bean and method references.

The following snipped should get you started, although it might need some more tweaking.

public class KafkaDemoApplication {
private KafkaListenerContainerFactory<?> factory;

public static void main(String[] args) {, args);

public void setFactory(KafkaListenerContainerFactory<?> factory) {
this.factory = factory;

@EventListener(classes = {ApplicationStartedEvent.class})
public void onStarted() throws InterruptedException, NoSuchMethodException {
var listenerContainer = factory.createListenerContainer(getEndpoint("my_topic_3"));

listenerContainer = factory.createListenerContainer(getEndpoint("my_topic_4"));

private KafkaListenerEndpoint getEndpoint(String topic) throws NoSuchMethodException {
var listenerEndpoint = new MethodKafkaListenerEndpoint<String, String>();
listenerEndpoint.setMessageHandlerMethodFactory(new DefaultMessageHandlerMethodFactory());
listenerEndpoint.setMethod(getClass().getMethod("onMessage", String.class, String.class));

return listenerEndpoint;

public void onMessage(String key, String value) {
System.out.println(key + ":" + value)

As a side note, you can implement KafkaListenerConfigurer, if you want access to the registry, because it's not autowireable. But again, don't use it, if you want to kill your containers, because you can't remove the references, as far as I know.

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