An Error Was Encountered While Running (Domain = Launchserviceserror, Code = 0)

Unable to run app in Simulator: An error was encountered while running (Domain = LaunchServicesError, Code = 0)

This has now been resolved. The problem was caused by ShareKit library added by CocoaPods for compatibility reasons. After removing the library and all related code, the app successfully launched in simulator. I recommend checking the system log for more details on the issue as to me it pointed me in the right direction (stating the name of conflicting library).

Unable to run app in Simulator : An error was encountered while running (Domain = LaunchServicesError, Code = 0)

This happens if your extension's bundle ID isn't prefixed with your app's bundle ID. For example if you app is com.mycompany.appname, your extension should be something like

Something else to note, if you're using Swift and are setting a principal class with NSExtensionPrincipalClass, you'll want to make sure your extension target sets "Defines Module" to "Yes" and make the value of NSExtensionPrincipalClass equal to "YourModuleName.YourClassName".

Xcode 7.3 The operation couldn't be completed (LaunchServicesError error 0)

May be it's because CFBundleVersion key/value pair in app's Info.plist.

If your app's Info.plist does not contain a valid CFBundleVersion key/value pair.

doing a "Reset Contents & Settings" will work, would be better to set an appropriate CFBundleVersion in the Info.plist.

you can check more error info in ~/Library/Logs/CoreSimulator/CoreSimulator.log for error details also, more information about the problem in the simulated device's system log ~/Library/Logs/CoreSimulator/[Device UDID]/system.log.

For more detail check here:

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