Position Fixed and Internet Explorer

CSS Position Fixed Not Working in IE 11

  1. Try using position: expression(fixed);

  2. Try using position: relative; on the parent element and position: absolute; on your caption. This is cross-browser.

Fixed positioning in internet explorer?

The problem is that the most popular most used browser - Internet Explorer for Windows - does not understand it, and instead of reverting to position: absolute; which would be better than nothing, it reverts to position: static; as specified by the CSS standard. This has the same effect as having no position at all. Note that IE 7 from beta 2 upwards does support position: fixed; (if you use a document type declaration that triggers strict mode) so I will exclude IE 7 from this fix.

Position: fixed does not work in internet explorer

In general: If something's fishy in the way the Internet Explorer displays a web page, it might just be that it's in quirks mode.

A lot of times this happens because the DTD (=doctype declaration) was forgotten.

Try adding a DTD as well as a proper html page structure and it will probably fix your problem.

Although it's a Microsoft product, the Internet Explorer actually respects and follows standards if you do so as well.

Bottom 0 is not working On Internet Explorer 11

I don't know why this worked: I simply set the wildcard(*)'s box sizing to content-box, then set overflow of the button div to hidden. And just like that the issue went away.

IE 6 vs. position:fixed

Don't support IE6! The sooner people stop hacking sites about for IE6, the less traction it will have and the quicker it will die! Or, add this code after your first style block;

<!--[if IE 6]>  
<style type="text/css">
#sidebar_right, #sidebar_left {
position:absolute; /* position fixed for IE6 */

The result isn't super-smooth, but it does work.


I wasn't too clear on how this should be used; simply add the id (or class) of any elements that have "position:fixed" to the declaration list at the start of the above block and they will behave themselves in IE6.

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