How to Type Text With Hat "^" in HTML

How to type text with hat ^ in html?

just add display:inline-block
this should work

Is there an upside down caret character?

There's ▲: ▲ and ▼: ▼

How can I put as a text in HTML?

Yes, simple use < and > like this:

Use then <like> this
<br> 5 < 6 = true
<br> 1 > 2 = false

Append text onto html text input while typing

You can append to a span like so:

var phrase = " is a hat";
$("#idOfInput").keydown(function() {
$("#idOfSpan").html(this.value + phrase);

Question mark characters display within text. Why is this?

The following articles will be useful:

10.3 Specifying Character Sets and Collations

10.4 Connection Character Sets and Collations

After you connect to the database, issue the following command:

SET NAMES 'utf8';

Ensure that your web page also uses the UTF-8 encoding:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

PHP also offers several functions that will be useful for conversions:

  • iconv
  • mb_convert_encoding

HTML encoding issues - Â character showing up instead of  

Somewhere in that mess, the non-breaking spaces from the HTML template (the  s) are encoding as ISO-8859-1 so that they show up incorrectly as an "Â" character

That'd be encoding to UTF-8 then, not ISO-8859-1. The non-breaking space character is byte 0xA0 in ISO-8859-1; when encoded to UTF-8 it'd be 0xC2,0xA0, which, if you (incorrectly) view it as ISO-8859-1 comes out as " ". That includes a trailing nbsp which you might not be noticing; if that byte isn't there, then something else has mauled your document and we need to see further up to find out what.

What's the regexp, how does the templating work? There would seem to be a proper HTML parser involved somewhere if your   strings are (correctly) being turned into U+00A0 NON-BREAKING SPACE characters. If so, you could just process your template natively in the DOM, and ask it to serialise using the ASCII encoding to keep non-ASCII characters as character references. That would also stop you having to do regex post-processing on the HTML itself, which is always a highly dodgy business.

Well anyway, for now you can add one of the following to your document's <head> and see if that makes it look right in the browser:

  • for HTML4: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />
  • for HTML5: <meta charset="utf-8">

If you've done that, then any remaining problem is ActivePDF's fault.

HTML code for an apostrophe

If you are looking for straight apostrophe ' (U+00027), it is

' or ' (latest is HTLM 5 only)

If you are looking for the curly apostrophe (U+02019), then yes, it is


As of to know which one to use, there are great answers in the Graphic Design community: What’s the right character for an apostrophe?.

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