How to Get a Tab Character

How to get a tab character?

Sure there's an entity for tabs:


(The tab is ASCII character 9, or Unicode U+0009.)

However, just like literal tabs (ones you type in to your text editor), all tab characters are treated as whitespace by HTML parsers and collapsed into a single space except those within a <pre> block, where literal tabs will be rendered as 8 spaces in a monospace font.

How do I replicate a \t tab space in HTML?

I need a code that has the same function as the /t escape character

What function do you mean, creating a tabulator space?

No such thing in HTML, you'll have to use HTML elements for that. (A <table> may make sense for tabular data, or a description list <dl> for definitions.)

How do I type a TAB character in PowerShell?

If it helps, you can embed a tab character in a
double-quoted string:

"`t hello"

Inserting a tab character into text using C#

Try using the \t character in your strings

How do I write a tab in Python?

This is the code:

f = open(filename, 'w')

The \t inside the string is the escape sequence for the horizontal tabulation.

Render tab characters in HTML

replace \t with      .

Each space you want will be a  

As pointed out this isn't completely correct as it only pretends to be a tab as HTML doesn't actually output format a tab as you would expect.

VSCode insert tab character manually

I'm not sure if there is a generic solution, but you can setup a keybinding for this:

"key": "ctrl+v tab",
"command": "type",
"args": { "text": "\t" },
"when": "editorTextFocus"

This keybinding will insert an tab character even when the current mode is spaces.

PHP to write Tab Characters inside a file?

The tab character is \t. Notice the use of " instead of '.

$chunk = "<html>\t<head>\t\t<title>\t</head>";

PHP Strings - Double quoted

If the string is enclosed in double-quotes ("), PHP will interpret
more escape sequences for special characters:


\t horizontal tab (HT or 0x09 (9) in ASCII)

Also, let me recommend the fputcsv() function which is for the purpose of writing CSV files.

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