What Xml Parser Should I Use in C++

XML Parser for C

Two of the most widely used parsers are Expat and libxml.

If you are okay with using C++, there's Xerces-C++ too.

What's the most commonly used XML library for C++?

I would recommend not using XML.

I know this is a matter of opinion but XML really clutters the information with a lot of tags. Also, even though it is human-readable, the clutter actually hampers readability (and I say it from experience since we have some 134 XML configuration files at the moment...). Furthermore, it is quite difficult to read because of the mix between attributes and plain-text. You never know which one you are going to need.

I would recommend using JSON, if you want a language that already has well-defined parsers.

For parsing, a simple look at json.org and you have a long list of C++ libraries.

A simple C XML parser

Mini-XML looks promising


Parsing XML in Pure C

The canonical XML parsing library for C is libxml2.

Best XML parser for C

One of the most widely used is libxml2. You can take a look here.

which is the most efficient XML Parser for C++?

If you use SAX parsing, your bottleneck is the I/O involved, not the XML string processing. And given your 500 MB number, I'd say you'd have to do SAX parsing instead of DOM parsing. So, anything with a SAX type interface should be just fine.

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