Is There Any Lame C++ Wrapper\Simplifier (Working on Linux MAC and Win from Pure Code)

Is there any LAME C++ wrapper\simplifier (working on Linux Mac and Win from pure code)?

Lame really isn't difficult to use, although there are a lot of optional configuration functions if you need them. It takes slightly more than 4-5 lines to encode a file, but not much more. Here is a working example I knocked together (just the basic functionality, no error checking):

#include <stdio.h>
#include <lame/lame.h>

int main(void)
int read, write;

FILE *pcm = fopen("file.pcm", "rb");
FILE *mp3 = fopen("file.mp3", "wb");

const int PCM_SIZE = 8192;
const int MP3_SIZE = 8192;

short int pcm_buffer[PCM_SIZE*2];
unsigned char mp3_buffer[MP3_SIZE];

lame_t lame = lame_init();
lame_set_in_samplerate(lame, 44100);
lame_set_VBR(lame, vbr_default);

do {
read = fread(pcm_buffer, 2*sizeof(short int), PCM_SIZE, pcm);
if (read == 0)
write = lame_encode_flush(lame, mp3_buffer, MP3_SIZE);
write = lame_encode_buffer_interleaved(lame, pcm_buffer, read, mp3_buffer, MP3_SIZE);
fwrite(mp3_buffer, write, 1, mp3);
} while (read != 0);


return 0;

any ruby wrapper for lame encoders out there that has good documentation?

How about just running lame something like this?

def mp3_encode(wavefile)
system("lame -V2 -f " + wavefile + " " + wavefile.gsub("wav", "mp3"))

Where to get pure C++ Lame MP3 encoder - PCM to MP3 example?

See the example I gave in your other question for the basic usage of Lame. It should contain everything you need.

How to decode mp3 into wav using lame in C/C++?

Take a look into the lame frontend source code. Start at the lame_decoder() function in the .../frontend/lame_main.c file, it decodes an MP3 file and writes the wave header.

Audio speed changes on converting WAV to MP3

You are setting it up to encode a mono stream (lame_set_mode(lame, MONO);) but providing the data as if it were interleaved stereo.

If it's a mono stream, then remove the 2* from fread, to read enough samples for a single channel; and call lame_encode_buffer rather than lame_encode_buffer_interleaved, with the right-hand channel pointer set to either NULL or pcm_buffer, to encode just one channel.

If it's a stereo stream, then don't set the mode to mono. You probably shouldn't do this anyway; I think it detects the mode based on the number of channels.

Also, as I mentioned when I wrote that code, you should check for and handle errors if you're using it in a real application. It's a very basic example.

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