Why So Many People Use Tailwindcss

What Is Tailwindcss

First of all, it is a generic CSS-like framework. It has built-in many convenient classes, such as text-center, pt-4, and rotate-90. By using these built-in styles, you can build a prototype of a website very quickly.

tailwindcss optimizes your interface in terms of size, color, font, and shadow. You can build the most satisfying visual effect by combining them.

The Advantages of Using Tailwindcss

Strong Inclusiveness

If you have actually used tailwindcss, you will find that it is very inclusive. With a fixed HTML result, you can use different styles of tailwindcss to build different web page effects. Let's say you wrote a set of HTML code. With tailwindcss you have several different themes.

Streamlined Code

It can be said that with the development of the project, there will always be some unused CSS styles left more or less. Over time, they can get bigger, making them slower to load and harder to maintain. But these are completely absent when using tailwindcss. tailwindcss automatically removes unused styles. After removing unused CSS through the processor, most of the CSS becomes very small.

Responsive Support

We know that pages can be made responsive through media queries. tailwindcss is responsive by having different width prefix styles built-in. tailwindcss uses a mobile-first strategy, which means that styles without prefixes apply to all page widths. The prefixed styles are only available on devices with special widths. Of course, tainwindcss also supports you to customize the media query width.

Dark Mode

Since Apple launched the dark mode, now whether it is a mobile application, a web application, or a PC application, it will try to provide a dark mode (late night mode). tailwindcss supports dark mode and is very convenient to use. Just add dark: in front of the style class to do it.

Support Customization

The reason why tailwindcss is liked by more and more people is not only its well-designed built-in styles but its support for custom style configuration. It allows you to extend the original style sheet, from color palettes to spacing, to shadows, etc., you can define it yourself. This is an absolute must for websites that require a highly reductive design.

Editor Support

For front-end engineers, vscode has become a standard development tool. And tailwindcss provides an intellisense plugin for this. After installing the plugin, you can also experience autocompletion when writing CSS. And it will also give syntax hints for some wrong class definitions, which is very smart.

Reviews from the Internet

The following summarizes some netizens' comments on it.

Having not used tailwindcss until now, I feel like I'm an idiot.

Tailwindcss makes writing code like using a design tool.

Tailwindcss is the greatest CSS framework on the planet.

Tailwindcss is bridging the gap between design systems and products. It's becoming the de facto styling API.

I don't want to write plain CSS anymore. Only tailwindcss.

I fell in love with it the moment I used it.

Tailwindcss also made CSS fun and revolutionized the way I built products. It's fast, efficient, and a pleasure to use.

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