6 Free Online Gaming Sites to Learn CSS

Modern developers mostly use CSS extension languages ​​(like Saas) and CSS3 web layout models (like Flexbox) to design their websites. If you are new to learning HTML and CSS, it can be boring, but if we learn CSS together in a playful way, you will find it very interesting. And CSS isn't that hard, as long as you're willing to spend more time finding some good learning resources and practicing CSS.

So today we'll start with the first game and work through them one by one. These games can help you gain confidence in your studies. At the same time, they add fun to learning to help you better learn and understand CSS flexbox, and grid, or perfect your CSS skills by competing with other players from all over the world.

Now, let's get started.

1. Grid Garden

URL: https://cssgridgarden.com/

Great for learning CSS grids.

Grow a carrot garden using CSS grids. In this fun little game, you must water carrot crops and poison weeds by mastering CSS Grid, a powerful module for creating 2D grid layouts. With it, you can easily define column, row, and grid template areas on your website.

2. CSS Diner

URL: https://flukeout.github.io/

Great for beginners to learn and practice CSS and HTML.

If you're a beginner with zero basics, it's best to start with a game like CSS Diner. Before you're ready to master more complex topics like CSS flexbox or grids, learn about HTML tags, classes, ids, and other important concepts. After completing the 32 levels of this game, you will have a solid foundation and be ready to move on to the next game.

3. Flexbox Froggy

URL: https://flexboxfroggy.com/

Great for learning and practicing CSS flexbox layout.

This game is a lot like Grid Garden, but it's for learning CSS flexbox. It has 24 levels that you can practice in any order.

4. Flexbox Zombies

URL: https://mastery.games/flexboxzombies/

Great for learning CSS flexbox layouts.

Flexbox is another concept that any front-end developer should master. In this game, each chapter unlocks part of the plot, giving you the opportunity to learn and practice new flexbox concepts.

5. Flexbox Defense

URL: http://www.flexboxdefense.com/

Great for learning and practicing CSS flexbox.

This is another simple browser game to learn CSS flexbox in a fun way. No registration is required. You can skip to any level if you need a quick reminder.

6. CSS Battle

URL: https://cssbattle.dev/

Great for practicing HTML and CSS and competing with others.

Competing with others is more fun than playing by yourself! CSS Battle is a very addictive CSS golf game with various levels and leaderboards where players can try to replicate the "target" visually using only a few lines of CSS.

Those are the 6 interesting sites for learning CSS that I am sharing with you today. Hope it helps you improve your CSS skills. If you find it useful, please share this article with your friends. Maybe it can help him too.

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