How to Mark Images as Spoiler in Discord

Discord is a popular IM client utilized by gamers, Redditors, and Patreon developers to chat and share media. It rose to appeal in the past few years owing to its success in the game streaming community. The app is featured among some lists of the top 10 messaging apps in the world. Yes, it's that good.

Can you make an image a spoiler in Discord? What are the rules around going over Spoiler? This tutorial will introduce you to spoilers, as well as how to mark text or a photo as a spoiler in Discord.

How to Mark Images as Spoilers in Discord

There are 2 types of spoilers in Discord, text, and image. Image sharing is a huge part of being in a Discord neighborhood. Whether it's a meme or screenshot, images paint a picture so are extremely useful in chat. As I know, there is only one method to mark an image as a spoiler in Discord. You have to rename the image file prior to you publish it.

You need to rename your image on your phone or computer system and prefix the image name with 'SPOILER _'. When you submit it to Discord, you can see a blurred box with SPOILER in the center. You need to hand chose the image to be able to see it.

How to View Discord Spoiler Image

To see a discord spoiler is pretty simple you simply have to do is click the image or in the text which is marked as a spoiler. However, we recommend not to click on any of these until there is urgency or some essential things.

Discord Spoiler tag is not used to hide the spoiler of some movies or others. Sometimes you can send it to share with friends. We can send the formatted text message in Discord which is another reason why it has gained so much popularity in a short interval of time.

If you get the Discord Connecting error, awaiting endpoint error, or Discord Javascript mistake then you can follow the respective links to see the option.

There is definitely nothing wrong with sharing your enjoyment, your ideas or suggestions with others but make certain your audience either does not mind spoilers, or will not be impacted by them.

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