Find the Last Time You Used an App in iOS

Among the greatest problems modern-day society is attempting to deal with is smartphone dependency. Rather than spending time face to face with buddies or family, society tends to rely on our screens rather thinking about it as a much easier way to interact with individuals.

It's not simply interaction, either. A lot of us see a ton of motion pictures or play video games on our phones throughout the day, which drains the battery. Thankfully, with iOS, you're able to see when the last you opened an app was, letting you understand whether that app is essential in your life.

This is why this detail is useful. Depending on the size of your storage area, you may need to delete apps to conserve area. By understanding the apps you have not used for a while, or perhaps, never ever, you can more properly identify which ones to erase. It's also an excellent method to simply unclutter your Homepage.

How to Find the Last Time You Used an App on iOS

Follow along as we guide you through how to contend the last time you opened an app on your iPhone or iPad.

The process is pretty easy and is the same on both iPhones or iPad. Fire up the Settings app, then head to General > iPhone (or iPad) Storage.

You might need to wait for a few seconds for it to load, but once loaded, you'll have the ability to scroll through your list, with each app revealing you when you last opened the app. If you've never opened an app, it will read Never Opened.

While it may help in reducing mobile phone dependency by getting rid of apps that you utilize usually, it could be a method to do some very basic spring cleaning for your iPhone or iPad. We've all existed, downloaded an app that looked cool, opened it when and then never ever again.

Discovering the last time you used an app isn't a difficult procedure. You can likewise prevent apps on your device from being uninstalled, find ways to accelerate the app download process, and check to see if your iPhone battery requires change, to name a few tools.

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