Essential Tools for Web Front-end Development Programmers

Web front-end related occupations have high market demand and high salaries, which attracts many people to join the study. Whether it is a beginner or a front-end developer, easy-to-use software tools can help them work better. Below I will introduce some commonly used web front-end development tools for you.

1. Coolors

This is a very good online tool to generate matching color schemes for projects. If you don't like the current scheme, press the spacebar and it will regenerate a color scheme until you're satisfied.


A collection of SVG illustrations for open source projects that can be used for landing pages, 404 pages, and more. Of course, ordinary pages can also be used! The above illustrations may be used without attribution copyright. You don't need to pay anything.

3. Shadows

This website provides CSS code to generate smooth shadows, which can create smooth border shadows. It looks really smooth and satisfying.


It can help you create super nice website screenshot mockups. It's perfect if you're not a MacBook user but need better website images for the README.

5. Glitch

It's not just a tool, it's a great coding platform and a great tech community. I can host my project with the help of the built-in code editor. Glitch supports many languages ​​but works best with NodeJS.

6. Markdown

An online real-time Markdown web editor by Liyas Thomas that previews Markdown code and publishes it on GitHub. It offers a very nice dark mode. It also works offline, which makes it even better.

7. postwoman

This is another tool built by Liyas Thomas. Postwoman is an API request build job. Developers can test APIs without a proxy. This is a progressive web app that can be saved to the desktop for use. It's lightweight and basically an online replacement for Postman.

8. CSS Grid Generator

This is an excellent website created by Sarah Drasner that uses CSS to create a dynamic grid layout.

9. Blobmaker

Blobmaker helps you randomly generate SVG blobs of various sizes, colors, and shapes. You can use it as a background or create cool-looking animations.

10. Getwavs

Similar to Blobmaker, Get Waves is able to randomly generate waves of different colors and numbers. It looks good as a footer or header of a web page.

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